Walking/Hiking in 2023

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You have all been busy and collected a lot of miles! I always enjoy seeing the posts. My walking has been in short and sweet bursts this year and I haven’t tracked any of it.

Attached is a photo of my walking partners taken this afternoon, Tinker (pinto),
DD, and Madelaine. I did walk Tinker and DD together, then Madelaine solo. The weather has been great.
I try to take Billy for a walk about 3 times a week. We are paved, gravel, and dirt. Sometimes I put his boots on him and sometimes I think it is good for him to walk on hard surfaces. Last time I drove, and was putting on his boots, I noticed the heel bulb on the back hoof seemed really pink. Sent a little video to a farrier, and she suggested bruising. So, guess I will put his boots on every time we walk now. He does not seem to favor the foot, so hopefully it isn't too bad.
Mile and half with Billy. He gets a little snorty about 10 minutes into the walk, and then settles down when he figures out there is no turning back yet. Pepper is a little tornado around. She tears up behind and startles him, or whizzes out of the weedy ditch and scares him. Silly boy. Never a dull moment.

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