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We just had a new rescue arrive at the ranch, Shorty. He is a stud that has not had good care. Shorty was under weight and found chained to a fence post. He has a great personality and very gentle. Last week we had the farrier and vet visit him. Other than being under weight, Shorty is in good health. We have had Shorty about 2 weeks now. Once we get his weight stable and have him gelded, he will be ready for a loving family to adopt.


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Day 2 hitched to the cart we trotted. He was calm and handled it beautifully!

Day 3 hitched to the cart we drove in the front yard were Bentley both walked and trotted. The front yard was perfect for some serpentines and figure 8s. He was calm and tried very hard to please me. He is going to make an excellent trail horse.

Pic of Bentley’s third day driving:

We are only driving for about 15-20 minutes max, we are taking things nice and slow. We are also working on building muscle and endurance. Knock on wood… but he hasn’t done anything “silly” yet while carting me around. 💕💕
Big trot today…. BIG, HUGE! 💕💕

Bentley, according to Parelli horsenality chart, is a left-brain extrovert. See what they have to say about his personality…..

The Left-Brain Extrovert​

‘If your horse is a Left-Brain Extrovert you’ll easily be able to identify his gregarious characteristics: he’s curious, playful and always looking for fun and mischief to get into.’ says Sarah. You’ll also pick up on this personality type if your horse is dominant, likes to push everyone – and everything – around, needs to move his feet often, and is a fast learner but is easily bored.

Two ways to get the best out of your Left-Brain Extrovert:

  1. ‘Left-Brain Extroverts thrive on play,’ Sarah explains. ‘If your horse has this personality type, he’ll enjoy a busy life with purpose and plenty of new things to do.’ So keep your horse interested, and prevent his tendency to bore easily, by spicing up your training with varied tasks or introducing new games.
  2. If your horse has this type of personality, you’ll also need to make sure you match his energy. ‘These horses are often excellent competition horses with expressiveness, tenacity and a fun outlook on life,’ says Sarah, ‘but you won’t be able to rest on your laurels. The best way to keep your horse’s interest, and maintain your leadership, will be to anticipate any of his mischievous ideas and channel his energy into more positive outlets through play and training.’


Click here to find out your horses horsenality….

Improve Horse Riding with Parelli Horsemanship | Petplan Equine

What is your horses horsenality?? 😍😍
Big plans this weekend, HUGE! We packed up and headed to McCown Valley State Park for Bentley first overnight camping trip. I got everything all set up at camp and off we went to find some trails….

We found the trails… what a disappointment! The grass on the trails were taller than my horses, boo! There was a teeny tiny gate that I would have had to unhitch Breezy to get through, boo! I was really looking forward to this trip as it was only 1 hour away from home, but it was a bust, boo 😝 We carted maybe 35 minutes, boo! So I decide to pack up (the same day we arrived) and head back home, boo. I was a little nervous to head back home at 1pm with the temps at 100 degrees and the fell like temps at 110, but it was only an hour so off for home we went. I was extremely happy once we got home to find my horses were absolutely fine in the trailer. No sweating, no panting, no flared nostrils, no sign of heat at all, YAY! Good to know. It wasn’t a completely failure, I have to look on the bright side of things… my ponies got to trailer together for the very first time, they did get to see new sights, and my trailer is perfectly ventilated… so win, win? I think so. Win some, ya lose some.

So today Bentley and I ended up ground driving at Oakmont Park here in Fort Worth. Beautiful park, lots of shade 🥳 I think I have the most photogenic horse on the planet 😜💕💕💕

Ohhh, you think your horse is more photogentic? Oh yeah, post up! 😂😂🥰🥰♥️♥️
Day 2 of driving Bentley in the bike. This boy has some power and I haven’t seen nothing yet! I’m use to driving teeny tiny ponies, so Bentleys trot is huge for me and I haven’t even asked him for a really big trot yet. He is going to be so much fun once I start taking him out on trail.💕💕💕


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