Jeffrey’s update.

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I walked and jogged with Jeffrey last night around my turnout area. It has been a while since I had (shame on me!) He did good. Hesitant to jog but we managed. At one point, I carried a cloth bag with empty plastic bottles on my shoulder. He has always shied away when I have things in my hands. As a start, slow and steady we went. I then took him down road for a short walk. He did very well. Mint, was having a fit because she was locked up. She exercised herself 🙂
It has been very hot here. 105 & up. This weekend predicted 111 ugh! So I have been trying to get Jeffrey to like water. The site of the hose, the sound of water and he is gone. I have a bucket of water and a sponge. I can slowly wipe all four legs with the wet sponge now and he stands fairly still. I have not tried anything further yet. I can pick out his hind legs now. All though his left hind, he does have issues with some days. Something must of happened on that side. He does not like to be approached or halted on the left.
He does not like being sprayed either, for flies but not surprised there. I have been able to approach him with the bottle in my hand without him turning away. I have not tried to spray him as of yet. We are making progress. He is teaching me donkey steps:) I think it has been a while since I shared a pic. Here he is this morning.

Someone taught me that when it's time to teach a horse about fly spray, fill an empty one with water. That way you can spend the time getting them used to it without wasting expensive fly spray or getting way too much on them. And, of course, you can always spray it on a damp rag and rub it on him while you are waiting. The heat has been miserable here, but it finally broke yesterday, hope yours does soon.
What is it about spray??
I don't know if it works with donkeys, but when I was teaching spray and bathing I did not tie. I held the halter and let the horse move away as I spritzed. Of course, if Jeffrey goes ballistic, that wouldn't work. But the idea he could sort of get away -not being tied- seemed to help. Thanks for the update! Love your water tub, too.
Marsha, you are right Jeffrey handles better not being tied. Constant pressure is a constant fight. I usually don't tie him. I can see him going ballistic as you say when I spritz him. Maybe he will surprise me :)
Hooray for Jeffy updates!!! I've learned that you need to be able to teach a donkey something 3 times, the right way, and they'll know it for life. Phillippe had 3 "schooling" sessions with a spray bottle and now has no issues standing for it. It's very simple. He's not tied. I spray a leg or foot with water first. He can move all he likes. I'll continue spraying until he stands. When he stands, I stop. Then I'll move on to another body part. If he stands, I'll spray once, and stop. Then once again, and stop. Pretty quickly they all learn to stop moving around because there's a whole lot less spraying when they do!
The hose, however, is still not something he likes very much. Donkey pout is a real thing!
Standard Equine, thanks, good advice for the spray bottle. I had to laugh at "donkey pout" I have experienced that with Jeffrey. I never heard of that term but it fits perfectly.🤣

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