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Oh boy, that sounds like it was a waste of time and money. I don't have any advice for you, but being overweight could easily be the cause of her having udders this early.
Yes it certainly was😤In all honesty she’s a little thick but she’s not fat. I feel she was using that because she couldn’t answer any of my other questions, maybe a little embarrassed, so she had to come up with something to take the focus off of pregnancy. Do you think chunky affects a mare although it seems the antibiotic is working judging only by her shrinking udder of course. When she was leaving she said, if you just gave me a few more seconds I had the needle in, no she didn’t she wasn’t even close. My mare was straight up in the air and teetering back. The first thing I did when she drove away was go to my phone and delete their contact info, never ever again
I'm sending you a big hug. What a nightmare of an experience with the vet! Go with your gut. We're all sending a lot of really strong love and light to your little dolly and her baby. We all want this to pull through as well!
Thank you❤️I’m really happy with the way her udder is looking so hopefully that’s a good sign that everything will be ok.
Hi, 210 days and still here🙏🏼just had another pregnancy panel ran. Back a couple months you can see a photo on this post it showed her progesterone at 125 days in foal at 25.5ng where as 4-10 is adequate pregnant mare level, and according to what I’ve read progesterone levels decreases after 180 days??? Well her most recent test is 30! Any experience out there with “high progesterone” ???
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Sorry, I've got no clue. I did a blood pregnancy test once but I don't think the vet ever gave me numbers.
Hello, I ended up taking my mare off her antibiotic about three weeks ago per the vet agreeing it’s the right thing to do but I’m keeping a close eye. She was on it for 100 days maybe a little more actually, her labs were taken prior, CBC, chem panels, SAA inflammatory everything came back completely normal, inflammation was zero yay. He believes the infection is gone but like I said I’ll keep a close eye on her udder, this was it today at 226 days


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Hi everyone I’m so excited to say we’re at 261 days😭still so nervous everytime i look at her, but hey her udder looks good so i feel the antibiotic did the trick🙏🏼 if what they say is true and they can have their babies as early as 300 days we’re very close to full term🙏🏼


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Ok I’m so nervous my mare is 283 days and based on my new photo i think she’s starting to bag up. Keep in mind she was on an antibiotic for 90 days for placentitis based on udder distention which completely resolved with treatment. She’s a maiden mare do you think starting to bag now is normal? First pic is Dec 17th second pic is new


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6-8 weeks before is normal. So you are within the range, I would think. My mare had almost no udder development at 305 days, but she went almost a full year. However, my vet said once they are on antibiotics for placentitis you need to keep them on antibiotics until foaling. If it were me, I would lean towards putting her back on them, but I'd think a call to your vet would be the best bet at this point.

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