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Jan 20, 2024
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So I made a post a few days ago about Pearl having some questionable discharge and thankfully it has all cleared up!
Today while I was checking her over I noticed what looked like a small wax plug. I grabbed my phone to take a better look thinking it could be dirt but nope! It was indeed a little plug! She is now having some clear fluid from the udders. However she barely has any bag at all.
I do remember from the last time she had a foal with us, she started having some fluid coming from her teats before they ever got large and even when they got to size at foaling they were not very big. She only got decent sized a few days before foaling and had fluid for a few weeks before foaling.
She is acting quite different this year though.
Shes been a very spicy girl, acts like she's starving and her body changes have been a bit different.
How long do you think we may still have??
I'm guessing probably 2 weeks or a bit more unless she fools us all lol.
She hardly has any bag but has been getting quite jelly on the bum.
Here is a cute photo of her running around! She just got clipped.
Below is a photo of her current udders from this evening. You can see on one teat where she has some left over fluid from me pulling the tiny plug. It's the dark spot. You can also see shes getting quite swollen right before the udders. I also plan to wash her udders tomorrow.
All mares have plugs on their teats. It’s how the udder stays clean and uninfected. To me it sounds like one of these plugs as opposed to wax caused by an overfilled udder leaking. Without seeing a pic though it is hard to know.
Is it common to see them come out? With the sheep there is a plug, and the lamb sucking pulls it out. I never really thought about it in a mare, though I guess if they have wax the plug must be out.

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