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Jan 20, 2024
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Hello again! So Pearl is about 310 days along now!
I can't remember if I announced in an older post or not but Tilly is 100% not prego, darn mare.
Anyways Pearl is showing a lot of signs of possibly coming a bit early besides having any udder development. Last time she had a foal with us she didn't have much of development then either but this time she reeeallly isn't having much going on. But she is starting to get quite relaxed in the rear. Today she even wasn't feeling too hungry.
With all that said though I have been worried about what appears to be some discharge! I noticed this yesterday and was hoping it may of just been from urin as yesterday it was just a chalky coating on the outside of the vulva. Today it definitely appears to be discharge.
Is this normal? Or should we be worried about possible infection and something like Placentatitis???
Here is a photo of what appears to be discharge and her udder development.
When did you have her confirmed in foal? That looks to me like she's in heat. Is there blood inside the vulva if you open it up?
There is no blood. And yes she was confirmed in foal last year before we brought her back from the stud. She should be about 310 days along and we are still seeing baby movement.
Always best to call a vet if you have serious concerns, but it's good that there's no blood and you're still seeing obvious foal movements. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes really well and your mare has an easy delivery of a happy, healthy foal.

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