Eagles Ring -Coco-colt 6/25....Lotus-Filly 5/2, Pooh-colt & Spice-filly

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Maybe you can post a few pictures, as it's hard to say where she is exacting when we're just looking down at her. But, I'm glad you're taking the extra steps with her.
Ok finally got a few pics to post of Lotus she is 311 days today

I got some a few nights ago but didn't look like much

these are from tonight looks like a bit of progress

but what do you all think...she hates be putting the camera under near her udder so

not the best pics

Can't give an opinion, never have a mare that foaled but I am leaning so much here!!! looking at all the pictures of the utters and such and then reading the replies is very educational!!!!! I am serious, it's as good as reading any book!!! but I am watching all the mares here and can tell when they are in labor, if I need to alert anyone!! lol. I will take a peek at your girl now.......
She's looking good. In a couple of days sneak another picture and we'll have a comparison.
Since she's building an udder, I think she'll fill quite a bit more. And she definitely has some elongating and relaxing to do. She's doing just fine in all departments, so we'll have to wait a bit more, I think.
Looking good, but as Diane says, a little bit longer yet.
Lotus is finally starting to make a good bag

I think she has a bit longer- I'll try to get pics tomorrow to see what you all think

we appreciate any extra eyes on her

she was in with the storms today so she's a bit bored too
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Looking forward to the new pics - she must be getting closer now!
I was just peeking in and.........I see a baby in there!!!!!!!! I think I just missed it!! The little one looks like he/she has not even stood up yet. Your Hubby was in there spreading some fresh straw!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Looks like a very pretty little foal!!
Congrats, I think I was about fifteen minutes too late to see it. Glad everything went well and baby looks great!
WOW! Just got back, updated myself and was getting ready to answer your pictures, when I saw a baby in the stall! Congratulations on a pretty little filly!!

Momma is laying down and baby wobbling around the stall. Has mom had some banamine yet? That might help her with any discomfort and get her to her feet. Cute little girl is just walking around and around momma. Come on Lotus. I want to see you kissing that pretty little one!
Now that's more like it Lotus! Up and kissing that little one. Lotus following her around the stall! How cute is that?

Such a pretty little girl....looks like she's found that milk bar just perfectly! I saw you in there with them, and that sure is a pretty little one. So what color? It's so hard to tell on the cam. This is a Buzz baby isn't it? He did you proud!
Hey all sorry to be so long .....I just posted the pictures to ask your opinion on what you thought

then closed the forum brought the cam back up and baby was there sack was already broken

that short a time I missed it too she was standing quietly 5 min before

It is a Buzz baby a deep red chestnut filly with a star and at least 2 white stockings

I saw a tiny white spot on the top of her butt when drying her but I can't see it again now

She's got some long legs

Baby has pooped up a storm and nursed

I gave Lotus banamine right away but gave her a bit more when she was still uncomfortable

I use paste so it takes a bit longer to take affect

Lotus had her ivermectin too and tetnas shot

will give baby tetnus anti toxin tomorrow

So glad and a Friday night early so I can enjoy them all weekend without rushing off

Pics on Art's phone ....he just went to bed to enjoy a night without the cam on the tv

I'll post pics tomorrow
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