It's early but who have you bred for 2014

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So, I think we're up to 45 Renee!!

You're a Blessing Angel Wings (Angel) and You're a blessing Dixie Belle (Nova) both are most likely going to be bred to FarmYard Frolic Banner next month. Diane, what do you think of this pairing? I'm still working on bloodlines and things and I know you are the expert
I'm working up pedigree info for you, but I think this will be a nice pairing for both girls. He's only 30.5", and has some wonderful horses behind him (more info coming your way on this mating). Do you have a picture of him? Do you own him, or will his owner allow you share his picture with us?
Hi Diane,

Nope I don't own him but I doubt his owner will mind if I share a picture. He is the sire of my mini mare Precious
. I was hoping it would be a good pairing as there are not a lot of choices up here but I rather not breed than breed to a horse that isn't promoting the breed or a good match.

I really appreciate the pedigree information!

Is there any good resources, books, etc I should read to better educate myself on the bloodlines, etc?

Thank you again so much,

No breeding here next year...said with a sad face....hubby says in order to breed he would prefer I sell a few first..... and I couldnt part with any!!.......Hope you all have a great breeding season..i'll be watching
Here are a few pictures of Banner who both Angel and Nova will be bred to this year (if I can ever figure out when they are ready to breed). I hope he's a good match- I don't have very many choices.



I have 2 bred for next year. I didn't bred them but they came bred when I bought them. The first is AJ Murray's Blue Diamond Buckeroo and her full sister AJ Murray's Simply Elegant. They are both bred to Boones Little Buckeroo Charmer for April Foals.
47 (+) -- looking good for next year!!!

Sounds like a great pairing Tina.

And don't worry -- Banner is a great cross on your Alaskan ladies!! He has beautiful lines and should do a stunning job for next year
Okay great thank you Diane! I'm still trying to get the hang of the bloodlines and making good matches and everything- it is hard to find all the information! If you have any good resources that I should look into I would love your recommendations (or anyone's recommendations
Oh, that's right Lori! So were up to 49-50! WOW, what a fun year to look forward to!
WEll I've bred 10 mares this year. Marcella, Nellie, Ladybug (the weaver), Fly, Penny (Renee's favorite), Carmel, Pebbles (the almost a pony mare- 37.75 inches tall), Flicka, Dream (my little rescue mare) and Buffy. Should be some colour in there as 5 mares are appy and 2 are pinto and the sires are both pintos. And ring test results (just for fun) say I'm getting 7 fillies and 3 colts. Sure would be nice if this was true. Gonna be a crazy spring next year!!
Jewel and Stormy..she is coming in nowjewel calander.jpgjewelshoney.jpg

stormy and daisy..bred a few weeks agojewelshoney.jpgdaisyltXXX.JPG

and may be breeding stormy and sophie sophiee.jpg

and that will be it i think for next year.

If i cant breed sophie this year i may breed stormy and Misty,istyx.JPG

another of stallionvillasafterthestormb.jpg



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As Diane said, it looks as though 2014 is going to be an exciting and very busy year!

We didn't breed any mares for this year, but hope to cover 3 or 4 this month for 2014. Will be using our little Spotty boy and he arrives back here today from the Boy Department at Cathy's place, hopefully ready and willing to get to work in the next few days!
so excited to see some babies at your barn again next year Anna!! going to be a busy year for you next year Amanda! and looks like you will have some lovely babies Crisco41
Heheee we are going to see some serious zombies next year

Amand who is Penny bred too? I can't wait yo see her baby.

Anna if you need a poop picker for next year I am willing
We are planning to breed three all to Triple K Boogies Double Your Bucks

Tibbs Briana Bay bay mare

LK Bonita Buckeroo, buckskin Buckeroo daughter

COH Sterling Surprise, actually a granddaughter to Bonita

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