It's early but who have you bred for 2014

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We are still looking, but it will be around that area. This is Toni and I told Kari the only way I'll go back is 1)not directly in tornado alley, 2)it has to be a house or modular with foundation, 3) a storm shelter.

A couple years ago, we had straight-line winds hit our rented single-wide(on cinder blocks and anchored down). The trailer rolled 360 degrees with me, Kari, and her daughter in the trailer. I was pinned under the cook stove with half the roof on me. It took rescue an hour to get me out and four days in a hospital. I had a cracked hip socket, pelvis, nerve damage in my left leg(try walking on a leg that is asleep all the time), cuts, and bruises. I already had a bad back and the stove was laying on the same spot. My back problems are worse and I have issues with pain in my legs.

High winds now make me nervous and I start shaking and worrying about finding a safe place to hide.
WOW! So sorry you had to go through that! We are surrounded by hills and are not in 'tornado alley.' Good luck in your search for property. We love this area..............course we have plenty of rocks. LOL
I have several farms bookmarked in the southwestern and south central Missouri area... We're looking for over 30 acres, under $125,000, with a nice barn, good fencing plenty of pasture and live water... I've actually found about 2 dozen places so far... We lived in Bruner a year ago and would still be there if the place hadn't been foreclosed on right out from under us. This time, the place will be mine.

I LOVE rocks! lol! I have some nice sized pink granite that I've carried from Colorado to Oklahoma to two places in Missouri and will be taking back to Missouri when we go. I'm a rock hound... I also love homes built with rock... The house on one of the places I've found is made of rock...

Wow, Magic Marker Minis, I'm moving to that area in the late summer/early fall. Already have plans to meet Pam's babies. Would be exciting to have you as a neighbor and then I'll be visiting your babies :)
Kari, I know where Bruner is. Small world, huh?! Glad you already have some places set up to look at. I'm sure you'll find just the right one! Sara is right, we will all have to meet one day! Looking forward to it!

Meant to say that I guess we kind of got off topic. LOL I will be breeding four mares for next year............all to Smokey, our snowcap appaloosa stallion. The mares are just now coming into heat. He'll be busy! LOL
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That is cool, Mountain Woman... Looking forward to meeting you and Pam!

Toni just reminded me that you own Adriel, Tiger's full brother... Be careful... don't get too close to us... We may have to kidnap him... lol! But, at least you'll know where to find him... <vbeg>

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Well, there's actually a horse property right by us for sale - 80 acres and the price is way under 100k so you could visit him any time

Well, I do have a 3rd mare expecting in 2014 and the dad is LM Idols Secret Regaldo (a son of Billy Idol and a grandson of Flying W Farms Little Boy Blue. So that's my final baby expected for next year and I don't know if I'm more excited about meeting and living near fellow mini people who are part of the Nutty Nursery or my 2014 babies.
Oh, dear... we did the math and two of our mares will be due in February next year... Get out the mukluks! Hope we have a heated barn!

34-35 so far!!!!!!! Mukluks will be in place! (of course my will be in the shape of "flip-flops" ! )
Well my breeding season will be a bit later then yours as we are coming into winter now... But my two girls, penny and suzie will be going into foal in October
penny to summerlea mr magic

Suzie to clanline wade.

So excited already
and nervous will be my first two foalings that I have actually put the girls in foal and had them for the full term if their pregnancies lol think I will need a lot of help to keep me sane lol
Well it seems several of our mares were fibbing when they said they had a foal for this year. The weather has been so funky this year they had us fooled...... until Monday. It was obviously too good of a spring day NOT to come in heat. Seven little fibbers came into heat that day. First they got put on a diet then they got bred. So as I understand it this is who got who for 2014 so far.

Pepper goes Hollywood got -

Jimmy Deans Julie (4/30)

Jimmy Deans Winni Winni (5/13)

Jimmy Deans Paleface (5/13)

Prairie Rose Sunrise (5/13)

Reeces Remarkable Cavalier got -

Lil Gs Millie (5/13)

Jimmy Deans Oneida (5/13)

Jimmy Deans Fussbuster got -

Storm Hills Alice Blue (5/13)

Reims Hazel Amanda (5/13)

We're still waiting to see if there are a couple of more foals to come or do we have an entire herd of cookie addicted pathological liars.
43-44 ~~!!! YEAH! Looks like a busy season for all of us next year! Keep 'em coming!
You're a Blessing Angel Wings (Angel) and You're a blessing Dixie Belle (Nova) both are most likely going to be bred to FarmYard Frolic Banner next month. Diane, what do you think of this pairing? I'm still working on bloodlines and things and I know you are the expert
We are making some changes to our breedings.

Miss Te(bred to Hawk) came back into heat. When she comes back into heat after 45 days, we are breeding her to Navajo.

Design(bred to Navajo) has come back into heat. I'll not re-bred her. Design belonged to Kari's daughter. When she moved back to Indiana, she gave her to me. Her and her husband are thinking about moving to Missouri, to be closer to Kari. Kristi(Kari's daughter) wants Design back, as a pet, so I decided to leave her open.

Hawk and Design's colt have been sold. Hawk will be gelded and shown by a really nice lady. She wanted another miniature to keep Hawk company(she only has big horses(draft)). I decided to sell her Dice(Design's colt). He will be weaned and go to his new home late July, early August. She will also have him gelded this fall, along with Hawk.

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