It's early but who have you bred for 2014

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Sounds like a great deal Anna, the boys can be shipped off to their dad's after the 12th june

Welcome to the Nutty Nursery Bonney and Kelley
how about some pics of your girls? I just love the Triple K boys so we will NEED a pic of him too.
Ok Here is Tibb's Briana Bay, we consider ourselves blessed to have been able to buy her,
Go to the bottom and click


then click


select the pics from your computer


I will expand on what Renee said - click on the More Reply Options at the bottom of the Reply to topic space at the bottom of this thread. Click on the Browse space - select the pic you want from your computer selection (pops up in a separate 'box' once you select browse) and click on it, the number of this pic will now appear in the space next to the 'browse' button. Click 'attach this file' and a little 'star/circle thingy' will appear as the pic is loading. A miniature of the pic will suddenly appear just above the Attach Files, and when you are ready (finished typing any info etc) just click on the Add Picture and it will be added to your post. Use the Preview Post to check all is well.

Actually I think that I have probably muddled you more now. LOL!! Keep trying, you will get there and anyway, as Renee said, we would love to see some pictures.
We are planning to breed three all to Triple K Boogies Double Your Bucks

Tibbs Briana Bay bay mare

LK Bonita Buckeroo, buckskin Buckeroo daughter

COH Sterling Surprise, actually a granddaughter to Bonita

WOW! We're up to 69-70!!

Can't wait to see these 3 new girls!

Are your pictures on your computer? If so, the instructions Anna gave will work. If they are on a website, you have to do it a bit differently. Let us know, and we'll help!
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I haven't bred any, but may have several lined up for breeding early in 2014 for 2015...

Do you ladies have a count on how many babies have been born this year? I know that I can't keep track of them thru the threads! I had 3 live foals with another due.
I am hoping to find time to go back and count the number of foals and the fillies versus colts Paula.
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I started to try to do that once, as Mary was interested, but I just kept getting confused since I couldn't do it in one sitting. It would be pretty interesting information though.
Well - how do those surveys work? Maybe set one of those up? Just on this forum, not the main forum. So that <possibly> only folk who were participating on this forum respond. Or maybe on both and see what the differences are?


I had 2 colts and 1 filly. plus had an in-utero dead colt.
Pretty sure I gave an iffy answer previously, but now have a slightly better answer. At least Tana will be bred to Topper for next year, she was in today, so I turned them out together and Topper was a very happy boy. I'll probably turn the next couple mares that come in out with Topper and call it a season. [Except Dolly and Misty; Dolly is too small for Topper and I don't think I want to bred Misty again.]

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