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    Stud chains in mouths

    What is other people's opinions on putting stud chains in horses mouths and yanking on them in general? Isn't it cruel? Can't another form of punishment be used? I'm just wondering why anyone has to do it? I feel really bad for horses that have to endure it because I wouldn't want someone to put...
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    Distressing Halter Video- Cruel Training Techniques!!!!

    I just watched a scene from Everything Miniature with Jim Curry- Showing your Miniature at Halter. I must say it was rather distressing to see how he confused the poor colt he was trying to teach leading to. He put a stallion chain IN ITS MOUTH and just yanked and yanked on it. He told the horse...
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    Flanders Video is wondering

    Still not working.
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    Nationals feed is up and running now

    Not working here either!
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    Art Contest at AMHR Convention

    I looked at the website online but I don't see it. Do you know what Merry Wicke's email address is? I do not know it. Normally I would have the AMHR magazine to find all the info in, but I'm at an equestrian college right now 2,000 miles away from our AMHR magazines.
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    Strong Objection To Rule Change Proposal

    Its good that your horse is accomplished enough to jump this way, but please consider practicing at home a little and warming up a little at shows. It is not fair to the horse's muscles to be asked to jump from not being warmed up. Would you want to go sprint a race with hurdles and never...
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    Art Contest at AMHR Convention

    Does anyone have any info on the art/ photo contest at the AMHR Convention in November? Like where do we sent entries in to and such? Thanks so much for your help. I did it several years ago, but I'm not sure this year where to send them in to.
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    Strong Objection To Rule Change Proposal

    Please do not change the jumping classes at all. It is a wonderful and fun class as it is! Here are numerous reasons to leave it AS IS!!!!!! 1)If people could not show more than two horses in a class it is damaging to trainers who show more than two horses for clients. 2) Why do you have to...
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    Jon and Kate "Its Too Late" episode Monday

    I agree television and even movies at the theatres have gotten out of hand. The more junk and violence people see, they more they want to see. Dreadful! In fact it seems as if everything has gotten even worse in the last couple of years. I too, love the old shows like I Love Lucy, and Andy...
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    Region 5 AMHR/ASPC

    Well, my parents are there right now. They said it is 104 degree weather and the barns and arena are not air conditioned. So far my mom has won both 1st in Open and Amateur Halter Obstacle with her over horse Rage, and both 2nd in Open and Amateur Halter Obstacle in the under classes with...
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    Need name suggestions lol

    Zip Names Silver Zipper Zippin' Through the Fog Zippidy Do Da Names that go well with Grey Colors Thunderhead SnowStorm Silverado
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    Color and name help??

    She looks like a silver dapple or silver black to me. I think if she was grulla she would have a darker face, legs, mane, and tail. Is your farm name Maxwell Miniatures? For names how about: Maxwell Miniatures Mam'zel (short for Madamoiselle-my young lady)
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    What do you think of...?

    So what do you think of Contessa? She will be my mom's new filly.
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    The latest addition to the Sansevere family

    Congrats! She is really cute! I think Bodie will love her.
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    Conformation Critique please?

    Ok, I don't know what happened here, But I just posted some pictures up to find out if this horse would be okay in a halter class, so I will try again. He is 4 year old stallion. His head is a little large but could he do okay? Our friend would like him shown in halter. This next one is...