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Dec 11, 2004
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southwestern pennsylvania
topic title should say prolapsed uterus , sorry bad day..

Hi everyone we had a very sad and scary day today , Mick is one of my best broodmares even thou she is only 29 inches . I have been watching her on cam now for about a month she was 338 days so was ready. Today I was sitting here and she went into labor but it started weird she never laid down at first she was just sqatting and peeing like every 5 minutes for about 45minutes she never laid down during this time or anything and was still munching hay , so I figured she was in begining stages so I watched and then she laid down pushed 1 time and got up walked around laid back down and really got busy ,all of a sudden I seen the red bag pop out so off I flew .

My foaling stalls are right behind my house maybe 50 feet if that well i get down there mind you I have cell phone in hand calling my cousin for help because i seen the red bag on cam and even thou I have read a million and one times about red bags felt like I was braindead when I got there , Had my cousin on the phone ripped open the red bag and found two hooves that were twisted after i got them straightened out the mare stopped pushing for like a minute then started pushing again but was getting nowhere i couldnt even get anough hoof in hand to help so in past my elbows I went found the foals head was turned sideways and beside the legs , I got the head unlodged and things started progressing normally finally got the filly out and was working on her tring to get her going she had a bunch of amniotic fluid in her lungs , when the foal came out the placenta and all came out so I figure we are okay and keep trying to revive the foal , mare was still very crampy so kept an eye on her and then she pushed out this big red basketball size blob and I knew we were in trouble again so had mare stay on her feet wouldnt let her lay back down called vet who was in surgery , all this time doing mouth to muzzle and messaging the heart of the foal ,

well vet gets here 2hours and 15 minutes after the call and I was still doing mouth to muzzle when i would stop the filly would try to breathe on her own vet gave her a steriod shot and banamine also gave mare banamine . Fixed the mare she seems to be doing fine tonight , except for missing baby , but the filly did not make it vet said she had been oxygen deprived to long, and was only showing signs of life because i was breathing for her .

I am very sad that I lost the foal but am grateful I didnt loose both , I was really hoping with baby showing signs of life when I would stop mouth to muzzle that she would pull through ...I think it is even harder as I am 32 weeks pregnant...We are all exhausted ...Here are pics of the filly i fought so hard to save ...Thanks for letting me share.



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Im so sorry you lost your filly but glad your mare could be fixed. (((HUGS)))) this is always sooooo hard.
Oh, I am so sorry.

She is beautiful. What a sweet little angel baby and bless your heart for the heroic efforts to get her back. I'm very sorry you lost her after everything you tried. But I am glad your mare is OK.
I am so sorry about your little precious foal. It sure is tough but keep your chin up as better days are ahead.
Melanie, I am so sorry that you lost your foal
Sending prayers your way that your mare is alright
I feel so bad that with all your efforts, the little filly didn't make it..Give me a call sometime..You try to take it easy, you had a stressful day. I can't believe you are at 32 wks already..
Ahhhh, that is soooo terrible. I'm glad your mama is doing better. Don't forget to take care of yourself &

baby. Sometimes God needs our little foals more than we do.
I am so sorry. Harder I think when they seem to have a chance. We lost a colt last year with a dystocia who was breathing almost to the end, when we finally got him delivered.

Take care of yourself.

I am so very sorry for your loss. You tried so hard and did such a great job in such a tough situation and pregnant too? Hope your mare heals up real soon. Bless the little one she was so very cute, just heartbreaking.

[SIZE=12pt]My heart breaks for you
I went through an aweful time last week and lost a filly foal too. I hope your little mare will be OK. You and she are in my prayers. For what it's worth....sounds like you really did a good job
It takes a lot of courage
Please let us know what happens with her[/SIZE]

My best to you and your girl

She was so cute. I'm so very sorry you lost the baby.

{{{hugs}}} to you and your mare.
I'm so sorry you lost your filly.
She looks so precious. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Take care of yourself.
I am so sorry about your filly! But I'm happy your mare will be okay. So sorry for your loss!!!
so sorry about your precious filly, she was a doll. I am so glad your mare is okay.

you all will be in our prayers.
Hugs to you.(()) I sorry for your loss

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