Mare is leaking milk

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Feb 25, 2019
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So this is new to me. Last night my mare looked very close to foaling. Her bag was maybe not totally full, but pretty close to it. So I started foal watch. Around midnight she lay down to sleep, and when she got up her bag was nowhere close to foaling, and her leg was all wet. I'm guessing that laying down squeezed it out of her, but is that supposed to happen? What in the world can I do about it?
Sounds pretty normal to me. Indeed I've seen it on the rare occasion from mares who are not in foal or recently nursing - ones that just always have some fluid in their udder. Yes, likely just the pressure of the belly and the legs and some fluid leaked out.
Sheesh, I've never seen it before, I hoped someone had. Thanks. I have noticed that she is smaller in the morning and fills up more at night, but I wasn't really checking that close in the middle of the night to see why. It's going to be tough to tell when she's about to foal if she starts like this every morning.

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