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Jan 19, 2023
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My mare has been rolling the last few days, rubbing her butt, tossing head, yawning, up and down and eating like a pig. I am a little worried but am giving her until tomorrow before I trailer her into the vet to have her checked. She seems pretty worn out but continues to eat, drink and poop, pee so waiting until tomorrow. This is my mares 4th foal but I have no other history other than that. Her bag is very small. Has anyone out there had some experience with this? I know the first stage before contractions is only for a few hours to a day, so I am starting to be very concerned. I would appreciate any input.
If she actually went into labor several days ago it's probably already too late to take her to the vet. On the other hand none of that says labor to me. When you say rolling do you mean several times a day or several times an hour? Is her bag tight and full of colostrum even though it's small? The last couple weeks to couple months are miserable for a mare. They have a horse inside them. An entire horse. It's not fun. It kicks, it squirms, it presses on things, and it's heavy. My mare spends her day rolling, rubbing her butt on the fence, yawning, and standing there with her head hanging down like she just ran the kentucky derby. She bites at her sides. She picks up a foot and puts it down again. She stands in a corner facing the wall. And she has at least another couple weeks to go, last year she went 2 months past this.
Thanks for answering back. My mare rolls several times per day and her bag is not tight and full at all. Since she is not a maiden her bag was wrinkled and not visible but lately has dropped down a little and has clear fluid if I try to squeeze a little out. She has not tried to push or isnt having contractions but she is carrying her tail up 1/2 the time. She is doing all the things that you described yours doing and she breaths so rapidly after rolling, tossing, rubbing, yawning just like you said (running the Kentucky Derby). I guess I never realized how miserable they are. I had a regular sized Arabian horse that her foal in the summer out in our pasture, like it was the most simple thing. That was years ago and now with the camera you can watch their every move. You almost described her to a T! I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow so she can look her and make sure everything is progressing like it should. I so appreciate the feedback and will try to be patient!!
The more you pay attention the more you notice how miserable they are. You aren't likely to notice the hours before labor in a seasoned mare.
That is why experienced breeders usually have cameras and monitors. Because once a mare knows what is happening she wants you to go in the house and mind your business. She isn't going to do anything to attract your attention. They like to pretend to be asleep right up until they go down and start pushing.
I have cameras in the barn now compared to 25 years ago when I had a mare that I was lucky enough to walk in and catch the foal before it hit the ground. Plus I'm older now and worry too much! When the fruit is ripe, it will fall!!

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