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Jan 10, 2022
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Hey everyone,
So I have a hopefully final update on Aggie. She went to San Luis Rey a second time to have her socket checked since we thought there was a hole that didn’t heal and was causing a sinus infection. They said everything was good so she came home. A week later her nose started stinking again so we went to San Luis Rey a third time, and they did a CT. They found a massive amount of infected and inflamed tissue. They cut a hole in her skull to scope it out, and flushed it ultimately 3 times and scrapped out a ton of infected and puss tissue. She finally got to come home a couple days ago. Vet is extremely confident we’ve ended this health problem of Aggie’s for GOOD. Aggie is healing up nicely, and despite how much she hates me shoving meds down her throat and taking her temperature, she is quickly becoming her old self. Vet thinks the infection had been there since her tooth infection (so 3-4 years potentially). No wonder Aggie has always been somewhat standoffish even on her good days.

Thank you everyone for all of the well wishes and advice over these past 2 years.
She’s finally getting her spark back, and she’s already feeling better.


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I'm very glad for her! It's got to be a huge relief to have that pain and pressure in her head gone. She's lucky to have you, not everyone would have gone through this much to get her healthy. Or had access to a vet good enough to diagnose and fix something like that, even if they did take long enough to figure it out.
Oh that poor girl! I can only imagine the pressure and pain she has gone through these past months. ☹️ You have been a real blessing to her and ro Winston, so many either could not or would not have pursued this problem.

Love her eyes in the photos, they sparkle. 💖🌟✨

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