Polly (3/23); Teaka (3/23); Buffy (3/16???) @ Flyin' G Farm

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Great save, and as you and Diane said, a good lesson to everyone on the importance of always being RIGHT THERE!!

Cant wait for the pics - and hurry up Teaka!
Well, we are STILL waiting on Teaka. She still has big blobs of wax this morning. Buffy also made a big increase in bag size. Still not what I consider full, but definitely more than a handful now.
Congratulations on the arrival of a gorgeous filly , Glad you were there to help her arrive safely , looking forward to seeing some Pics
COME ON TEAKA!!! Can't wait to read the announcement, and see some pictures of the new little girl!
Woo Hoo!! Many congratulations - good girl Teaka!! Cant wait for the pictures.
This morning Buffy's bag has increased...it had actually gone down a little last night compared to yesterday morning. She has been increasingly more uncomfortable from what I've noticed, so I'm hoping that means she's finally going to think about showing us that foal...and not planning on making me wait another month. I don't see her doing that with the size of her bag...but these mares also aren't doing what I expect this year! So fingers crossed Buffy gets down to business soon!

Hopefully pictures soon...want to let both of the foals unfold a little
Oh they are both gorgeous Tracy - again many congratulations!!
They are both fabulous~! CONGRATULATIONS again! LOVE the pictures of them!
Thanks guys! We are very happy with both of them
Hopefully the weather will cooperate at some point in the next week and we can get them outside and get better pictures. Right now it's rainy/windy, so they are stuck in their stalls.

Update on Buffy, this morning she has a pretty full bag. Not as full as I think it could be, but if she foaled now, I would be OK with the size of it. Last night I was able to get a teeny bit of sticky fluid also, so we swapped her and Polly/filly so I can have Buffy closer to the house. I wasn't able to get fluid this morning, but Buffy is not really good with that yet. It's been a long process getting her to be OK with checking her bag in the first place, so I am just taking it close with trying to get fluid
But, I think we are FINALLY in the final stretch with her. Today is 368 days...COME ON BUFFY!!!
Okay Buffy! YOUR TURN! We're all excited waiting to see what you're hiding in there!
Absolutly Beautiful foals!!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing some pictures of them outdoors!! Polly's foal is so refined looking, what color do you think she is? Hard to tell from the picture but she looks to be a pretty color, and a very dainty little girl!!!

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