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  1. L

    Mini Mare holding onto foal WAY too long

    Hi there, So my mini mare who is about 13 years old was pasture bred in 2021 and was expected to have had her foal in July. Still has not. She has been slightly bagged up and has had clear fluid coming from her tits(prepping for milk) for quite some time. We got her preg checked in September to...
  2. Shanespony

    What color do you think?

    Lily is now a little over a month old and is starting to shed her baby coat! She was born a nice red sorrel. We definitely thought she would stay that way but I guess not! Her Dam is a black tobiano and her sire is a palomino tobiano. What is your thoughts??? Both sire and dam have quite a...
  3. Binky

    Raising a foal the first week

    Hi all, we have our first Falabella blend foal delivered to us at six months old at the end of September. She will be upset after leaving her mom so wondered what is the best thing to do in those early days to help her feel secure and bond with us? Are there any good YouTube videos worth looking...
  4. B

    Foal? Or no foal? Help!

    So i have a mini, who we bought back in october. Right now we are not sure if she is pregnant or not. We had no idea is she was exposed to a stud (she was with a bunch of other minis not sure on gender). Since than she’s been getting quite big, Comparing her to our other mini, she has a...
  5. Pitter Patter

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    Just purchased this little girl a couple of weeks ago. Previous owner wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not. Watched her eating this morning and could swear I saw movement, but is it only wishful thinking? I can't yet get a picture of her udder or her vulva because she kicks anytime I show...
  6. J

    purchasing colt, weaned at 9 weeks failure to thrive & lameness! Advice welcome!!

    Hi there! I have owned and been around horses all my life but have never worked with or owned a weanling, this will be my first time. I do not know much about weaning...but the lady I am purchasing my colt from has already weaned the colt at 9weeks old?! From what I have read, that is much too...
  7. Pony.Mom

    What do you feed your ponies for feed?

    Wondering what everyone feeds their minis. From foal to senior? I just picked up a bag of Valley Flax and CFS Elevate for my 2 seniors. Plus they get free choice hay. Just wondering what everyone else feeds. Pictures of my 2 seniors just in hay alone for almost 3 years. 
  8. bluey

    WeeFoal 120 - is this test positive or invalid?

    Hi all, My mare isn't mini, but I see a few of you here use the WeeFoal pregnancy tests and I'm hoping you can help me. I used the WeeFoal 120 on my mare, this is photo of the test. I'm not sure whether the C line is faint enough to be considered invalid or not. I have emailed WeeFoal to ask...
  9. Stevieandtracie

    Unknown dates: How much longer?

    Hi there! We bought Star a couple months ago. Previous owner said she may have been bred and if she was she may be due in April. We noticed nothing until about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Here are pics from today? How much longer would you think she has?
  10. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Foal Color

    My weanling Luna was born a sorrel, but is now getting more and white hairs in her coat. Does this mean that she could be changing color? I know that some people say its like opening a present the next spring because they change color so much. If she is changing color, what color could she...
  11. Minifoal

    Foal Care Advice

    Our mare just foaled a gorgeous little appy filly. It is trying to eat her feed at 3 days old so I am putting her feed in a trough so she can't reach it. I have care questions & would appreciate your help. 1) When is it ok to let her eat pellet feed with her Dam or when do I feed her in her...
  12. Minifoal

    The "SKY" is the limit!

    We are sooo excited about our new filly. Our Mini Mare Twilight had a real beauty! Not sure how to word what kind of Appy she is, but I do know she's black with lots of spots & the cutest blaze...LOL Think we are going to call her Sky. She's going to be triple registered because her sire is...
  13. Flyin G Farm

    Polly (3/23); Teaka (3/23); Buffy (3/16???) @ Flyin' G Farm

    Hi guys! I thought I should add a post here also for my girls. We are on marewatchers this year. The link to our cam is We have 4 mares due this year and I currently have 3 on camera. First is Southwind Forever Yours ("Buffy"), a sorrel sabino...
  14. Kelsey

    It's a GIRL

    IT'S A GIRL! Born 1/29/14 Our first foal of the year has arrived and it's a sorrel sabino overo filly. She is sired by C Me Fly of Avalon Farm's AKA "Taz". She is out of Fike's Cadillac Sensation. Name ideas welcome!
  15. secuono

    A new critter coming soon!

    Hello all! This is my first post, I believe. I'll be visiting a little filly tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully she checks out and I'll bring her home with me! She is around a year old and pampered. I have a roughly 30x80ft area she will be in for now right by the house. It's all chainlink fencing...
  16. Danielleee


    Well I haven't decided on a registered name but I think I'm going with Zoey for her barn name! She was born at about 2 am. Solid silver black appaloosa. The sweetest little thing. (compared to my grandmother's filly who was born a month ago who was a brat from the minute she was born!) She's my...
  17. Gone_Riding

    How long is it after udder development that mini mares foal?

    My AMHR size B mini mare is 289 days pregnant. Yesterday, she started having udder development. She had nothing the day before. What has been your experience on how long it takes for the udder to fill until baby is born? Is this early a bad thing?
  18. V


    There is a mare that I might be going to look at and she is in foal any day now but In the Winter he has heeves to alfha hay and no heeves to all grass hay but all we have is alfha patently her heeves are not bad but can she pass the heeves down to her foals(as I. Genetics) and should I just...
  19. D

    What color is our new filly?

    mommy is a bay but has a light dorsal strip, daddy is a silver dun. The filly is a light tan but looks to have dark hairs under the tan. she has a brown dorsal strip and eyes are not blue they are brown but do have a blue tint. and i must say shes the cutest thing ever second pic is daddy
  20. D

    foal with entropion

    Has anyone ever had a baby born with entropion? If so, what did you do to treat it?