Polly (3/23); Teaka (3/23); Buffy (3/16???) @ Flyin' G Farm

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Flyin G Farm

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May 3, 2004
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Snohomish, WA
Hi guys! I thought I should add a post here also for my girls. We are on marewatchers this year. The link to our cam is www.marewatchers.com/cam/flyingfarm.html.

We have 4 mares due this year and I currently have 3 on camera. First is Southwind Forever Yours ("Buffy"), a sorrel sabino ASPC/AMHR mare, multi-national champion/multi-national top 10 producer. Buffy is bred to MO Breaking News EDV, a black bay sabino ASPC/AMHR multi-congress champion stallion who is negative for LWO, carries agouti, and is homozygous black. The last day we hand bred Buffy was April 20th, BUT, my husband reminded me that later in the Summer we had turned Buffy out with Mo to try and calm him down. He is very bad about pacing, so we were trying different options to get him to settle down. Buffy was with Mo for less than 2 weeks, although it is very possible she could have been in heat during that time and we didn't notice. Buffy is 347 days today, and is making zero progress. I thought she had started to bag up every so slightly, but it's just not much at all considering she is a very experienced broodmare. So, I think there may be a chance she did in fact get bred later in the year (which would have been the last week of June through the first week of July. Unfortunately, I am leasing her and wasn't able to get much information on what she does/doesn't do before foal. She has always been one to foal on her own and has been very sneaky. I do know Buffy is in foal, I have very clearly felt the foal move numerous times within the last week. There is no mistaking there is a baby in there! Buffy is in the top left stall.

Next is Royal Polished Gold ("Polly"), a palomino sabino ASPC mare. Polly was 330 days on March 23rd. She is bagged up, has a mushy butt with no tail resistance, and has gotten extremely clingy. This has been going on for 3 or 4 days now. Polly is also in foal to MO Breaking News EDV. Bag-wise I'm not sure what she typically does, but I was told she gets very clingy and likes having her person in there with her. So we'll see. Polly is on the top right camera.

The 3rd mare is Fowler Boomers Exotica Lovesong ("Teaka"), a 34" silver bay AMHA/AMHR mare, national/reserve national champion producer. Teaka was also 330 days on March 23rd. We have had Teaka for ALL of her foals and she has always consistently waxed within 12 hours of foaling. The longest she has gone for us prior to this year was 336 days...we are at 340 today. She could stand to bag up a little more, although my notes from her last foal indicate she did not bag up fully like I would have expected, but she did wax. She doesn't have much tail resistance and has a mushy butt, and the foal appears to have dropped. She is also getting cranky and trying to bite me when I check her. Teaka is in foal to reserve national grand champion (and multi-national/world top 10 producer) Sundance LB Assured, who is a 34" ASPC/AMHR/AMHA stallion, sorrel with some chrome and 1 blue eye, and LWO+ (Teaka is tested LWO-). Teaka is on the bottom right camera.

The last mare we have is CLC Baile Del Sol ("Baile"), who is a sorrel pinto ASPC/AMHR, multi-national top 10 producer. Baile is 330 on May 27th. She is not yet on the cams. We had her next to buffy, but Buffy can be a witch, so that wasn't working out so well! Baile is in foal to MO Breaking News EDV. She usually bags up fully, waxes a hair, then the next day will heavily wax, and finally drip milk before foaling. She generally foals around the 336 day mark. I will post more on her once she starts making progress.

Most of them can be seen at www.flyin-g-farm.com. Hopefully photos are posted below! It should be (from left to right), Sun, Mo, Buffy, then underneath is Polly, Teaka, and then Baile.






Hi Tracy - great to have you join us here in the Nutty Nursery. I love your beautiful girls and you two boys are just sooooooooooo handsome - these coming babies are going to be stunning.

Good luck with the foalings - it sounds as though Polly and Teaka are very close!

Any chance of some updated pictures so we see how they are progressing - which is also helpful for those owners here who are foaling mares for the first time.
Just beautiful -- each and every one!

We're so happy you joined us, and the girls are happily munching -- as I see someone in there feeding them and giving them water.

These should be some beautiful babies! We can't wait!!
Thanks guys! These are all new crosses for us, and our first foals by Mo (he has 1 foal that was born in Denmark last year), so we are VERY excited!

Anna, yes, I can go out and get some pictures for you guys...hopefully they will cooperate! LOL
OK...here are some pictures from a few minutes ago. Both mares are 340 days today. I couldn't get any shots that show their rear ends have lost their muscle tone and are jiggly.

The first 3 are Polly and the last 3 are Teaka






Polly looks good. Baby looks to be slightly forward of center, and her udder is filling nicely. I'll bet once those nipples fill, she'll be close to going.

Teaka looks like she's working on an udder, and hopefully will continue to fill it up! Baby seems forward of center, but I think she'll do a little more filling of that udder, and get those nipples separated, so that will give you some time before she's ready to go. But as always, things can change "in an instant" it seems, and you said she didn't completely fill last time, so keep your eyes open with her! LOL

Polly certainly will bear watching closely. Not seeing how she's elongating, she looks as if she's got everything moving in the right direction! How is baby laying in there? Is she getting 'slab' sided (flat on the sides, almost doesn't look pregnant from the back anymore?) If so, it would indicate that baby has moved into position and is lining up for delivery.

Keep us posted! VERY exciting!!
Great pictures - thanks! They both look pretty close and from what you have already said, it looks as though Teaka could do her usual thing and join Polly in a 'double' foaling!
Thanks guys. I don't think either of them is too far off...hopefully! Teaka is actually bagged up more than the picture shows...she is hard to get a good picture of bag-wise. This morning, her nipples were starting to fill in a little more, although they are still not pointing down. But she is close to where she was bag-wise the last time she foaled. Hopefully she will follow suit and wax again, like she has always done, but since this year just seems strange as far as what the girls are doing, I'm of course watching close anyways. Both she and Polly do have breeder alerts on, just in case.

Polly is about the same...I agree Diane, once those nipples fill in, we should be seeing the foal pretty soon after that! She has gone from being elongated/puffy to back to normal. When I get home tonight, I'll take some more pictures of each of them.

Buffy is still doing nothing, so I'm fairly certain she did get pregnant when we turned her out with Mo for that week. That would put her 330 around May 27th. I am still watching her and have her under camera, just in case, but I have a feeling we will be seeing a late May/early June foal and will be watching her along with Baile.
Here are a few pics from tonight. The first 3 are Teaka and the last 3 are Polly. Polly was tightening up as I was trying to get the picture so that might not be super accurate of how she really is when she's relaxed. She doesn't usually care, but she just wasn't wanting to be agreeable tonight.






I think both should elongate a bit more, but that can happen quickly! So, watch them both! Can't wait to hear more!
I agree Diane
This morning Teaka's bag is bigger and her nipples are starting to fill in, but still not pointing down, She is close to what she was for her last foal, although no wax yet (hopefully she follows her pattern and waxes), so hopefully we won't have too much longer to wait. Polly is about the same. Neither one really wants me touching them! LOL I have threatened no treats until I see foals...I don't know if they believe that though!
You never know, it might work. You know these ladies are ALL ABOUT food!
Good morning! Well not much change with Polly or Teaka...they apparently like to be pregnant. Buffy, however, is making me unsure of myself. It is possible she was bred the end of June. We had turned her out with Mo for maybe a week because he had been pacing so bad, we were trying some different scenarios to calm him down. Putting Buffy in with him didn't work, so we pulled her out of the pasture. Buffy is a big bodied mare and definitely is bred, but she has just had a teeny handful of a bag for quite a while, which is what has made me think maybe she could have been bred later. She is 350 days today from her last day of breeding in April (April 20th). This morning, she has a bigger handful (I'm still checking twice a day). Not by any means a full bag, but more than she's had previously. My hubby thinks she was bred in April. So, she'll of course stay on camera just in case
I think that's a wonderful idea. Better safe than sorry! Keep us posted!
It's all sounding very exciting - maybe you will have a 'triple' foaling - we had that happen one year between the hours of 10pm and 3am, great fun!!
Update for tonight is they are all pretty much the same. I did notice Teaka laid down a lot more than she usually does. I did get a few quick pics of Buffy. She's still at a small handful, but I can easily see her bag when I look at her from the side. IF she was bred later, she wouldn't be due until May 27th (330 days), so I would be a bit surprised for her to be bagging up already, but unfortunately I have no idea what her patterns (if any) are



Humm. She doesn't look as though she would last until the end of May does she? Cant wait to see what she's hiding!