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Sep 21, 2021
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Hi everyone! Sorry I've been so MIA on here, I got caught up on Facebook haha. Just wanted to introduce my newest member of the family here! This is OMG When I Taste Tequila, otherwise knows as "Tequila" or "Keyes" as most of us call her now. She showed as a yearling and got mostly reserve champions, and I believe a couple grand champions! I bought her back in March of this year. She's a gorgeous 5 year old little mare, AMHA/AMHR registered, light palomino and 34" tall. She has the sweetest, yet sassy at times, personality. Loves her attention but also is top-ish of the pecking order. She is super smart and very easy to work with, has great movement and has a talent and love for jumping. I hope to show her myself in the future, but am planning on getting a few foals out of her first.

She was bred to an A/R stallion in July, he's a black and white tobiano. Keyes herself has a pretty impressive line to back her up, her grandfather is the one and only First Knights Billy Idol! She's out of a buckskin stallion who is Billy Idol's son, and out of a red roan mare. She was confirmed 15 days in foal on July 20, so we'll be having hopefully a June baby next year! I couldn't be more excited! Here are some photos of my girl!


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Welcome back @Laura&HerMinis, breeding is so exciting - when it goes right!!! Fingers crossed for a very uncomplicated pregnancy for Keyes and a healthy, happy mom and baby on the other side!
Thank you so much! It sure is, and she caught FIRST TIME! We know because the stud for some reason wasn’t interested in her for the first heat, and then the second heat he was. There was only one breeding and she caught! She’s had one foal before with no complications in her first home so I’m hoping for the same this time!

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