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Dec 1, 2002
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I have a neighbor who is looking for a cart for her donkey (approximately 30") and she asked me what the best cart would be, where to get one, etc, but I don't know, I've got a Jerald EE cart and I know that would be too big for her donkey. Can anyone help?
Lou knows a guy locally who sells them (maybe syracuse or around there). She got a nice metal one with harness for $475 (I think). She would have a better idea and the person can look at them.
Thanks, I'll talk to Lou!
Come see the wooden easy entry cart on our website, www.kayjayfarm.com. Perfect for 30" donkey. Shafts are 48" and wheels are 20". Superior quality and balanced ride. Price is $395 plus actual shipping which is usually less than $100.
I have two KayJay carts and they are amazing!! Perfect for a 30" horse or donkey. I like them better than any other cart I've seen. Check them out!!

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