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May 9, 2023
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First of all, I've read as many back threads as I can about carts, etc. I've appreciated all the knowledge shared.

I bought my first driving mini (already drives) and I'm looking for a cart. I'd like an EE, and plan to mostly drive on manicured (ish) grass with some asphalt crossings. Was all set to buy either a Frontier cart or a Kingston (motorcycle tires and C spring) and then I found THIS local to me....

My concerns are that I don't know enough to keep something like this safe and repaired. Replacement parts, etc. I know Grabers is still in business...

Price would be similar, but a comfy ride is important also.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I'd pass but that's just me. I'd be concerned about any damage you can't see under the paint like cracks and dry rot. Plus that cart looks really heavy to me. I tried a similar cart my hubby's friends wife had for sale and compared to my Kingston, my mini struggled with it. My minis are A's so a bigger mini might do better.
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My girl is a B, but I worried about that as well. Not to mention it's a possible rehab cart. So, I passed and just ordered my Kingston. :) Thank you for backing up what I was worried about.
I have the same Kingston cart you ordered and I really like it. I'm tallish so I got the seat riser that they also sell and it made it perfect.
I have the same Kingston cart you ordered and I really like it. I'm tallish so I got the seat riser that they also sell and it made it perfect.
No need there I'm 5'2 but so excited to get it!
Wooden wheels need someone who knows what they are looking at. Then a wheelwright to repair them and that is expensive and hard to find. I would stick to a simple metal EE with motorcycle wheels for a first vehicle.

You'll love the one you ordered. I have the same one and have had it for 10 years and it's still going strong.
@Mistral, have you received your new cart yet?? I'm so excited to see it. I love a Meadowbrook, they're so pretty, but the one in the picture looks like your legs have no where to go, you'd be really camped up, even at 5' 2".
I was fortunate to find an amazing K-bike this summer, with the foot basket, for my donkey. I ADORE that vehicle!! I've used it on everything, including a Hackney pony! It's a bit of a trick to get into with the side rails on the foot basket, but it's so stable and comfortable and easy to adjust.
I can't wait to see pictures of your little with your new vehicle!
@Mistral, I also would be interested in knowing how you like your new cart, as I am also looking to purchase one. I've been on the Kingston site trying to pick one out, but there is not a lot of explanation as to what the carts have or any recommendations (unless I missed that information somehow). How did you know what size to get? Wheels? Straight or curved shafts? If you or anyone else reading this has some advise, I would appreciate it. My new horse Pepper drives (I'm just learning) and my trainer and I are just beginning to teach my other mini Rocky. At first, I intend to use the cart for both of the horses, then possibly get a second one and have a neighbor go out driving with me. Any info from anyone would be great. I'm also looking for any information/manufacturer/company that make "real genuine" leather harnesses. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I do want to find a practical (no frills or designs), well made leather harness. I don't want to bother with a starter harness that will break within a year. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
I’d go with a bike, but I like to ZOOM ZOOM!!!😍😍

@Standards Equine have you tried the KBike without the basket yet? It should be a blast! 💕💕
Noooo, I haven't. My littles are quite young yet, fairly green. I personally don't find the appeal in it. I tried a hyper bike with my previous donkey once. Didn't love the feel. I know that people who do the bike style LOVE the bike style. I appreciate that. It's just not for me.
@1roadtoad, why do you want a leather harness?
Having young/green driving animals, I would NOT use leather. That's totally contrary to everything in my dressage riding world. But in driving you do not want things to break. Leather can and will break.
I've purchased a custom biothane harness for my donkey - with a Eurocollar. The mini horse is awaiting arrival of her own breast-collar harness, made in nylon. Both are highly durable, easy to care for and require far less maintenance than leather. Where are you located? In Canada, I'd be happy to refer you to my builders. Not sure about the states.
Thanx for the information. Being a former (years ago) western horseback rider, I love the look and feel (and smell) of leather reins and saddle. I have no experience or knowledge about biothane products. I will look into it. Any particular website I should look at. BTW, I am located in Connecticut. Thank you.
I also love the look, feel, and smell of leather, but I will never have a leather harness. If you don't properly store it, keep it clean, and keep it oiled you may have an accident waiting to happen. Too much trouble for me. My first harness was nylon. It didn't fit properly and the straps used for the bridle were too wide. I hated it. I've ended up with three different biothane harness sets. Two are shiny and stiffer, but my favorite isn't shiny except the saddle, and is more supple. Biothane is much easier to take care of and clean than either leather, or nylon. So you'll need to do some research to get what you want when you decide what direction you are going to take.
Oh there's lots of options in the states for harness shopping! Chimmacum tack is probably the one I see referred most often. Perhaps that's because they also specialize in mule/donkey harness, and that's something really important to me.