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  • Usually love Halloween but couldn't get into it this year. Sigh... now it's over and I dread the Holidays. So stressful with hubbys family. Grrrr. At least I have Secret Santa shopping to look forward to
    Stupid Kindle. Dies in the middle of a dang good western novel. Now, since I can't find my wall plug, I have to sit at the computer to read while it charges.
    Really. It snows now??? And I was hoping to be able to ride the trails up Dutch in a few weeks. Do they make snowshoes for horses?
    Took the little man to the Rec Center today to burn off some energy. We had never been. He LOVED it! Got to run around with his ball where ever he wanted. Any mommas with 2 year olds want to hit the Rec Center once a week?
    Wishes it would quit snowing and the sun would come out. This is getting depressing.
    send the snow to vancouver washington please.. my kids would love it !
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