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Feb 21, 2013
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Trinidad, CO
Hello everyone,

I'm so happy to be able to join this forum. I've been lurking for quite some time and enjoy reading everyone's posts.

I've been breeding horses for over a decade, but this is my very first year with miniature horses. I work for a small breeding operation as ranch manager. When I first started working here, the property was in progress, and I believe the stallion bred some of the mares well before I was originally told. Unfortunately, one mare has already had a stillbirth, the foal looked very early to me. The mare had no warning signs of labor the night before and the foal appears it never took a breath, but was out of the sac. Any thoughts on what could have caused it? The mare is at a healthy weight, UTD on vaccinations, has no infection, and is not on grass pasture at all. She also developed a nice bag with the birth of her foal.

We have two other mares, both maidens, due any time. I honestly don't have a due date, my employer can't remember. One of these mares should have never been bred, as she is just now barely three years old. Luckily, she is 33 1/2" tall, but I'm very concerned for her.

I was hoping to share info on all the mares, and get a little support and even advice. All the mares have been vaccinated with the Pnuem-K at 5, 7 and 9 months and are on a very good diet. They are all at good weights.

First is Blazing Stars Idols Queen Victoria daughter of First Knight's Billy Idol, or Vickie. She's the young one, and is a palomino. She has been slowly developing a bag over the last 10 days and is about 50% to 60% full, nice creamy white milk starting yesterday. Her vulva is still a pale pink and her tail head is fairly firm.

Next is QARS Midnight Maiden, 5 years old, and a maiden also. She's a dark grulla, about 33" tall. She has a very small, loose bag at the moment, no other signs.

Absolute Golds Buckaroo Babydoll, 34 1/2" tall, palomino, given birth before. She is huge, but no bag at all.

Absolute Golds Onyx Ice Blue, 34" tall, silver bay with blue eyes, smaller than Babydoll and no bag, also has given birth before.

Absolute Golds Rebels Lady in Love, 31" tall, palomino, has had one foal and not due until May, the only one that I bred and therefore the only one with a due date.

Trixie(her reg name is long lol) is a 31" mare, has had at least one foal, I believe she is a silver dapple tobiano, appears to be 4-5 months pregnant via palpation.

The stallion is a grandson of Alavadars Double Destiny, and is black.

I would like to post some pics here of bellies, see what everyone thinks if that's ok?
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The first pic is Vickie, our youngest mare, taken last summer.

Second pic is the stallion, who is quite crafty when it comes to breeding mares.


The advice on this forum is very helpful and they love pictures. You just have to make sure you have permission from the owner, since the mares are not yours. They like pictures (at horse level) of the side, back, vulva area, and the milk bar.

I have 5 mares due starting the first of March. Now I'm just over-run with baby goats. Five of our own(two still due) and nine of a friends(2 still due).
If you have a mare with creamy white milk you've got a mare about to foal!! I'd be watching her like a hawk. Milk usually goes from clear, to yellow, to skim milk to white milk. At the sticky yellow stage I'm on high alert for all mares. At the white milk stage I would not even go to the bathroom. Maybe I misread that. Do you have access to pool test strips, they help alot in knowing how the milk is coming along.
So, even if the vulva being pale pink if the milk is white she is close? I have been checking her vulva every few hours. By the way, my employer, who is also my friend, is right here every step of the way on this forum! ;-)
Hi and welcome to the forum. We are here to help and hold your hand throughout this exciting time
It is great that you have years of breeding experience which you can more or less throw out of the window when it comes to minis
sorry if that sounds harsh
These little angels don't do anything by the book, so as Amanda says a mare with white milk should not be left. I just love the foal-Time milk strips that are easy to use, cheap and very accurate.

Can we have pics of the girls please, (taken at their level) profile of whole horse, taken from behind and an udder shot

Once again welcome to the Nutty Nursery.
Thank you guys so much! I kinda figured after doing some research that I was going to have to start over.

As for Vickie, her milk was milky yesterday, now today her bag has gone down, and it's more opaque??? Her tail head is pretty firm, inside of vulva is pink. I tried to get an udder shot, which ALSO feels a lot less full, from a good 50% yesterday down to 35 or 40. Problem with getting udder shots right now is our blistering cold weather, we don't want to shave the area yet. It's snowing right now as a matter of fact. I did get the other pics of her, and Midnight. These are the two maidens.





Here is Midnight, she is the sister to the mare that had a stillborn foal a few days ago. It's our belief she was bred about the same time. The first pic is the foal we lost, mama had no signs of labor, just came down to the barn in the morning to a dead foal.

Midnight would not stand still for a shot from behind, the wind picked up and it's frigid lol.

I'm so excited to have your help, and am a very eager student!




We're just so concerned, we want to make sure we don't lose another, if possible. Losing this little filly was devastating for all of us.

Here is Babydoll, due sometime next month (I think, but we have a sheisty stallion).


I am so sorry about our filly
She looks fully formed so it could be that she didn't get out of the sac but you will never really know unfortunately. It has happened to all of us so we know how you feel.

vicky looks like she has a while yet but I think Midnight looks quite close. It would be good to see her from behind when you can without freezing to death

They are all very cute
The girls have free choice Orchard Grass/Timothy mix, Dumor mare and foal feed, a little beet pulp and free choice minerals. They are all at good weights. I have Vickie and Midnight inside, in the two fully enclosed stalls with heat lamps and thick straw, but it's still so cold. We are working hard to try and set up a camera system but it's not installed yet, so we've been checking constantly and sometimes sitting and observing behaviors. It's snowing pretty hard right now but I will get more pics tomorrow. I'm so curious, why does Midnight look farther along?
Also, Pearl, the mother of the deceased foal, had no bag at all the night before and is estimated to have given birth at about 4 am, her milk must have com ein with delivery? The night before, she had two tiny little teats and a hint of skin flap.
Welcome, we are all so glad you joined us!! All the girls are beautiful, I look forward to lots more photos
Thank you all for the words of welcome. I was just reading back through my posts, I forgot to mention that the girls also get about 25% alfalfa added to their diets. Tonight, I squirted milk into a container from Vickie, and it's still a thin pale white color, but definitely white. Her tail head is bony to me, but no other changes. Midnight oddly has edema in her teats, though her bag is small and floppy, no noticeable vulva changes. Both girls have good appetites.
Congratulations on the pregnancies of your beautiful ladies! And a very handsome dad, will be some lovely foals!
Hello all! We have a nasty storm coming and spent the day insulating the foaling stalls and sealing cracks etc. We are working on installing our barn cam too and hopefully we can foal watch from the house (fingers crossed!) Here is Vickie today, bag about the same, but her tail head feels very bony to me. No other visible changes, I don't think...

And Midnight has been very antsy today, biting her sides a lot, even up under her belly. No bag at all, but walking around with a lifted tail, and when she lifts her tail her vulva looks more relaxed by far. If I try to lift her tail to look she puckers up though.

What do you guys think of our girls?







Good morning Aunties! Thank you for your help! Vickies tail head is the only bony part on her. They've definitely been eating a LOT more lately!
we are so excited, we got our barn camera up. We bought a Lerox security camera off Ebay for $100.00 and it works fabulously. The girls are so uncomfortable, laying down, grunting from laying on those baby bellies. Vickie is peeing a lot more, but no other major signs so we may have some time. The suspense is killing me!
Update 2/27/13

We have started using pool water Ph strips, what is everyone's opinion on this? Also, there seems to be more than one ratio to use. Some say 1 ml milk and 6 ml distilled water, others say 3 ml milk and 5 ml water for mini's. Also, I can't find a thing on how red or purple the inside of a maiden mini mare's vulva will get before delivery?

With Vickie, we have a very soft tail head, a very full udder and pretty creamy milk. Her Ph is resting at 7.2, she is calm and seems tired but no frantic behaviors right now. My employer wants to know, what ratios are best to use for the Ph test strips. I know we're getting close...

Thanks so much!

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