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Flyin G Farm

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May 3, 2004
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Snohomish, WA
Hi Everyone! We are hoping to get our cams up and running this weekend. For now, we will likely just have 2 up and running, and will add 4 more a little later. The first 2 on camera will be:

Flyin Gs American Beauty (aka "Chloe"), palomino AMHA/AMHR mare ~ 300 days on February 9th, 330 on March 12th. We are hoping Chloe hangs on to this foal. To date, she has had 4 foals, 2 fillies and 2 colts, but she has aborted both colts between 8-9 months along, so we are past that, but she still makes me nervous. With her fillies, she foaled around 320 days. As of this morning, she is starting to bag up. Chloe is in foal to Sundance LB Assured, ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Stallion, making the foal she is carrying a paternal sibling to Reserve National Grand Champion SMO Bolero De Suerte. Chloe is a very sweet mare and for her fillies, she had easy births. Actually she foaled on her own without complications with her colts also. She was born on our farm (she is a daughter of Bequest listed below), so she is very comfortable having us in her stall.

"Bonnie" is a black ASPC/AMHR/AMHA mare in foal to a palomino pinto ASPC/AMHR/AMHA stallion. Bonnie is here to foal out and then be rebreed to one of our stallions, so she is not owned by us. Bonnie is a maiden mare and while she is warming up to us a little bit, she is still cautious around us. She will let me check her bag without any issue, so I am thankful for that! Bonnie was pasture bred April 15-August 1st, and based on witnessed breedings, I am told she is due approximately April 20th. Bonnie is a bit "puffier" in the bag than I would have anticipated for a maiden mare, so that in addition to her being a maiden mare made me decide she will be on camera too just in case. I don't have any pictures of Bonnie to share, but Chloe and Sun are pictured below.

Once we get our other cameras up and running, we will have 4 additional mares due in April. They are:

Rowbuck Bequest of Broadway, aka "Bequest" (black AMHA/AMHR) ~ Due 4/11/15, in foal to Sun

Fowler Boomers Exotica Lovesong, aka "Teaka" (silver bay pinto AMHA/AMHR mare) ~ Due 4/3/15, in foal to Sun for a full sibling to last year's colt, she went 360 days last year, which is not her norm!

Royal Polished Gold, aka "Polly" (palomino ASPC mare) ~ Due 4/17/15, in foal to MO Breaking News EDV for a full sibling to the bay roan filly born last year, she went 358 days last year!

Sorrel pinto (not sure of her barn name yet), AMHA/AMHR mare, also a maiden mare.

I will post the cam link once we are officially up and running!



I'm so glad to see you and your lovely mares back!! Can't wait to see what they are all hiding, since you got such beauties last year!! And I'm glad that Chloe has gotten past her 9th month. Maybe she's carrying another filly, or will. surprise you with a healthy, beautiful colt!
Welcome back Tracy.

Lovely mares , looking forward to seeing what they produce for you this year
Thanks everyone! We did test the cams and they are ready to go. I just need to do some rearranging and we'll be good to go! The weather here has been fantastic, so we've been letting all of the girls enjoy the sunshine before it turns to rain...again...LOL.
Hi everyone! Chloe is now on cam. She is doing a good job of bagging up, although she's not bagged up fully yet. But, after going back through my notes, for her 2 live full term foals, she foaled at 315 and 320 and did not have a full bag either time, and really gave no warning. She is 315 days today. She was acting off a few days ago, so I have a halter buzzer on her just in case.

My other mares aren't doing much of anything yet, so for now I want to keep the cam on just Chloe. Feel free to call or text me if you see anything you think I need to be aware of. My number is 253-405-6312.

The cam link is:

Just called you to say I think you should check her. I've been watching her for a while and she's lying down. Lifts her head from time to time to look around but has stayed lying down. Could be her way of resting as I don't know your mare and my first time watching her. Hope you don't mind my calling. She's probably napping. I have a foal due any second so I worry a lot.

She just got up so I'll stop worrying.
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Thanks for the call Sara, please NEVER worry about calling me. I just happened to have been on the phone so couldn't answer your call. Chloe lays down A LOT...she REALLY loves her naps and takes quite a few throughout the day and she tends to stay down for long periods of time. This is pretty normal for her
Thank you again for calling me...I really appreciate the eyes!

So glad to know it was okay to call. I felt so foolish when I saw her get up. I've got those pre foaling jitters.
I don't think there is anyone here that will mind getting a call about something that seems "odd" or you think needs an owner's look-see. Better to know someone is watching and caring about these special ladies and little ones!!
Well, we are making progress! Tonight Chloe has a firm, very warm bag, she's had no tail resistance for weeks, and she's overall miserable. She also pooped 5 times in only a couple of hours (normal, not runny poop). So hopefully she won't make us wait much longer
We are STILL waiting...full firm bag, nipples filling in finally, and she was puffy/elongated this morning (although she had been laying down a lot prior to me checking her). She's been extremely uncomfortable and laying down A LOT. Hopefully not much longer!

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