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She is so pretty. I love the blonde color! I can't wait to see a better pic. Especially of her eyes!
Really loving this filly! I think her registered name will be Flyin Gs Assured Beauty (Sundance LB Assured x Flyin Gs American Beauty). She's quite a little firecracker too. We haven't had very good weather, so I've still not had a chance to get her outside, but they are saying it will be better later this week. I hope they are right!

We have the rest of the mares online now also. Top left is Bequest (black)/Teaka (pinto), top right is Bonnie (black), bottom left is Maize (pinto), and bottom right is Chloe/filly. Bequest and Teaka are doing a great job of bagging up, but aren't quite ready yet. Teaka has waxed before every one of her foals. They both get full tight bags, so I anticipate them giving me warning. Teaka is 330 on April 3rd, Bequest is 330 on April 11th.

Bonnie and Maize are maiden mares, so who knows what they will do. Bonnie has started bagging up, but has a ways to go from being close to what I consider ready, but we of course are keeping an eye on her. She was pasture bred from March 15-August 1st, but I have been told they anticipate her being due around April 20th (I don't know what date they consider a due date, she was purchased in foal and belongs to a client). Maize is 330 days on April 25th and she is also a client horse. Maize is not yet bagging up and we actually are still having a bit of a battle checking her. She gives in eventually, but we are still having to battle through it! LOL

3-22 Chloe filly1.jpg

3-22 Chloe filly2.jpg
Sorry, just had to post a couple more pics. We were finally able to get her outside for a little bit. She definitely has 2 blue eyes with eyeliner. Just love her!

Our other mares are progressing nicely, but not quite ready yet.


Two blue eyes! And eye liner, very pretty. Congrats sire and dam really worked hard for you this year
She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love her color and she has a really pretty head/face!! She will definatly be a pretty little lady when grown up!!
Sorry, I'm WAY behind on updates! Teaka foaled on April 2nd, a sorrel pinto colt by Sundance LB Assured. This is full brother to the bay pinto colt, Max, that we had born last year. I think his name will be Flyin Gs Assured To Be A Hotrod, barn name Hotrod, because he always seem to be going...and harassing his mom...he's quite a fireball! LOL I'll attach a couple of pictures of him. He is paternal brother to Reserve National Grand Champion, SMO Bolero De Suerte, who is owned by Alliance Miniatures, in addition to many other World/Nationally titled foals.

And this morning at 3:45am, Bequest had a gorgeous, ultra-refined black colt also by Sundance LB Assured. No pictures yet, I will hopefully be able to get some by this weekend

Now we are waiting on 2 maiden mares who are due later this month!

colt2 4-4-15.jpg

colt7 4-4-15.jpg

colt3 4-4-15.jpg

colt4 4-4-15.jpg

colt5 4-5-15.jpg

colt1 4-4-15.jpg
Congratulations on the two new arrivals, cant wait to see pics of your black colt

Teakas foal is lovely , congratulations
Beautiful boy!!! Congratulations!!! As Ryan said can't wait to see pics of the black colt as well
Simply stunning! Congratulations, and can't wait for pictures of your new little one, too!

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