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  1. blazingstarranch

    Blazing Star Ranch-Lady(Filly-5/5) Eye color question.

    Well I'm finally getting around to creating a post for our 2013 foals. First up, we have Blazing Stars Black Velvet. She was born April 19, and measured 23 inches tall with 8.25 inch cannon bones. We believe she will mature around 33 inches. She is lovely and mischievious, and loves attention...
  2. blazingstarranch

    Blazing Star Ranch: Trixie's filly, more problems

    Hello everyone, I'm so happy to be able to join this forum. I've been lurking for quite some time and enjoy reading everyone's posts. I've been breeding horses for over a decade, but this is my very first year with miniature horses. I work for a small breeding operation as ranch manager. When...