3 New Foals in LESS than 12 hours!

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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
Well, it was a BUSY day to say the least!
The day before yesterday, I nociced one of my mares (Extra)had waxed. Upon looking back on her records, last time she waxed, she foaled within 14 hours. I thought for sure she would foal by yesterday noon. A gal that lives about 12 miles from me that bought a colt from me last year, hoped to see a birth, but I knew once I saw a mare in active labor that there would not be time for her to get here, so I called her yesterday morning and and asked her if she wanted to spend some time here waiting, if she had nothing else planned. She agreed, and came over. My Mom also came down from out of toen, and I fully expected her to miss the delivery as well. I was surprised that not only did she make it in time, but all 3 of us sat watching the monitors most of the day without a foal being born!

As we watched from the house, I saw a couple piles of poop in Extra's stall, and she was looking more uncomfortable, so I figured I better get out there and get it picked up before she foaled. I went out, and when I got to the pen joined to the barn, I checked the bag of another mare that was not due until later in the month. I had no past history on her, as this was her first foal for me. She only started showing changes in a bag a week ago, but seemed to be coming along quite fast. When I checked her, I found she was WAXED!
I grabbed her, put her in a stall, went and picked the poop from the other stall, and returned to the house.

When I got back in, my Mom and friend said the mare I just put in, had laid down right away, then got back up. She seemed to be acting like she was in labor. I had not yet braided her tail, so said I was going back out to do so, just in case. I grabbed my foaling kit as I left the house, just in case she decided to foal. Well, by the time I walked out to the barn and to her stall to braid her tail, I saw the feet already coming! I told the gals watching from the house, they better get out there if they wanted to see this!

Thank God I got her in in time! I had NO clue she was that close!!
She foaled just before 5:00pm. What seemed so funny was she was not even one of the mares were were expecting to foal! Thank goodness I decided to go out to pick that poop from Extra's stall!

All the foals are sired by my red dun stallion, West Wind BTU Crown Prince Dun Blest (aka "Ditto) This is Last Chance Princess Ella. "Ella" is a red dun without a speck of white on her! She measures close to 22".




Then later that night close to 10:45pm, Extra finally decided she would foal. It was a bit of a tight fit, but nothing bad at all. She foaled a red dun pinto colt. He has white socks, and a few white flecks, but other than that, the only white pinto marking is a large patch across his butt! He looks more like a blanketed appy than a pinto! When looking at him from the stall camera, he looks like he has a huge gauze pad taped across his back end!
. So anyway, here is Last Chance Prince Notapaloosa. ("Jake") He measured close to the 24" mark.




Then I was so tired, I needed a couple good hours of sleep, so about 1:30 my Mom said she would take over the watch and wake me if anything was going on. Sure enough, a couple hours later, she woke me to say she thought Colors was ready to foal, and sure enough, she was right! About 4:30am this morning, Last Chance Princess Missy ("Missy") made her entry into the world. This delivery had me more nervous. I had a hard time getting the foal out past the head, and normally, once the head is through, the shoulders and rest of the body follow through easily, but not this one! I was sure she was stuck...hiplocked or something, but eventually, we got her out with pulling on her contractions. I am not 100% sure on her color, whether she is a sorrel with countershading or another shade of red dun, but she is definately a sabino!
She has the nice white blaze, and socks, and one small speck of white on her topline, other than that, is solid.



Congrats Mona! I can so relate to the 3-fer - we had one of those nights back on 3/31 -- at least you didn't get the extra "fun" of 12" of snow and no power!

Love those new babies !

Congrats, Mona! They are all fantastic! Those mares certainly know how to keep you hopping.
Hey Mona,

Love that colt! Love them all! Im so excited to see these babies by Ditto ..you know why
. Narko, Stetson and Flyte say congrats to their big brother on becoming a daddy

Absolutely beautiful babies. What a great day that was. That's the kind of busy day I like. So glad all are healthy and strong. Lovely!

Wow Mona!
Talk about busy!

Congratulations on all 3 babies! They're all nice! My fav is the colt
You sure had a night! I love the splotch on Jake's butt! They're all lovely....I love Missy's face/blaze
Congratulations on your new babies, they are all beautiful. But Oh My Gosh, I love that colt ... can I have him.
Congratulations Mona
3 in one day, your boy sure was busy
Hopefully you can get some sleep tonight.
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Well done Mona, 3 super kids. That Jake is special! Congratulations on the 3fer!
Congrats Mona on three beautiful babies.
WOW Three in a day, you got it all over very quickly, gotta love that

Congratulations they are all very beautiful, Jake is extra special , what a unique pattern! Joyce

They are all beautiful and I love the colts name, made me laugh. The next colt thought I expect to be named Capt Morgan!
WOW! Congratulations Mona! 3 beautiful, healthy foals in such a short period of time!

How did you keep all the towels washed and dried? That would be my big issue

( I think I started panting just trying to keep up with that story!)


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