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  1. Strangeaddiction


    Hello all! I am fairly new to the mini driving world (been training and showing big horses my whole life!) I am looking into getting my first mini, he is a chestnut and white pinto, very talented mover (plan to show him in country probably). Anyways I am looking for opinions. He won't come with...
  2. F

    Just 4mos post op from brain surgery: Our first driving show! (Pics, of course!)

    Four months ago, I was 3000 miles from home, about to entrust my skull and its precious cerebellar contents with a world-renowned brain surgeon. My condition (Chiari Malformation type 1, in which the back of the brain herniates down out of the skull and into the spinal column) was causing...
  3. Mona

    Where are you located?? Let's get together for a drive!

    It was suggested by a member of this forum, to set up a pinned post that allows everyone to post where they are located, so that you can get in touch with others in your area, to get together for a fun drive. Many folks do not show, but still enjoy driving their minis, and is always more fun...
  4. poniesrule

    New to "This World of Mini's" & Driving

    Ok, I'm sure I am repeating posts by others, & this is probably more rambling than anything.... but here we go anyways! I am brand new to the mini-world. I grew up around "big horses" & even went to school for equine management, and as it usually does, life got in the way. I took a short break...
  5. alexb.

    DVD/book driving lessons/ referral please

    Getting all, I am looking for an instructional DVD for my 11 year old daughter and myself to give us lessons on proper techniques when we are cart driving with our mini we got couple weeks ago. He is very well trained as far as we can tell, but because of our ignorance of what is right/wrong/or...
  6. MajorClementine

    Ground Driving through town

    This weekend is a HUGE festival for our town. It's called Swiss Days and it's a giant 2 day craft fair (for lack of a better term). There are hundreds of vendors, food, entertainment, and huge crowds. The town is crazy busy getting ready for it and I live only 1/2 a block away from "ground...
  7. Lori W

    Two bits...?

    I was flipping through the pages of the recent AMHA and AMHR magazines and noticed that the majority of the pictures of animals shown in harness had two bits in their mouth - one attached to the reins (of course) and another smaller ringed bit attached to the check. Currently, I have my check...
  8. Cupcake

    Dr. Cook bitless bridle for driving?

    Is anyone using or has used the Dr Cook bitless bridle for their mini? I recently switched my big horse to it as he was in sheer panic everytime he saw his bitted bridle (French link snaffle bit) and always seemed bothered by the bit in his mouth. He now willingly puts on his bridle and responds...
  9. Driving Bucky

    Driving Bucky

    Jonah and I, on our first "test drive"
  10. Quester

    Cart and Harness Fit Questions

    Hi, I want to train my mare to drive. I have already started groundwork. I am not new to horses and very confident in my abilites. This is only for pleasure. She is just a nice little 31.75" mare, five years old and wants a job. She doesn't have prime conformation to be an amazing driving mare...
  11. lcwallis

    What would you suggest?

    So I have a gelding that was professionally trained and he did well but that was about 7 years ago! I've never driven but am drumming up the courage to try. I've said over the years that I wanted to learn but would chicken out but I'm pretty serious about it now. My gelding is about 35 to...
  12. L

    2012 Chariot Wreck

    I've seen on Facebook that there was a wreck in one of the Chariot Races. Does anyone know some more about it? I have someone who might be building me a chariot for my gelding so would like to make sure I don't have the same thing happen to me. Also if anyone knows what the new rule changes...
  13. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    What to Wear in Country Pleasure Driving (youth)???

    Hello! I just came back from a mini show with my mini Bentley. We showed in the Youth 13-17 Country Pleasure Class. What would be proper attire for someone in this age group? I wore a dress in cowboy boots....didnt look good but my mom wanted me to be "cute".... ....judges didnt think...
  14. ~Amanda~

    Driving Conformation

    I'm looking to learn more about driving conformation, specifically in terms of miniature horses. Most sites I can find that detail 'proper' conformation are geared toward riding: hunters, jumpers, cutting, etc. I haven't had much luck finding out what makes ideal conformation for a...
  15. minidreamer

    bell boots for minis

    Can anyone provide information on what commercial bell boots are LEGAL for use in AMHA and AMHR roadster classes? Is there a specific one or just not weighted. The ones made of neoprene look like they would be easy enough to make, but did not know what the legal specifications were? Thanks in...
  16. lightfootsgrandmaverick

    What to Wear for Pinto World Show

    Hi, I am planning on showing my miniature pinto at the Pinto World next year, but I am not sure what to wear. I am going to enter the Open Halter Geldings, Miniature, 34 & Under, 3 & Over; the Youth Pleasure Driving, Pony/Mini/B Mini; the Open Trail-In-Hand, Miniature; and either the Open Hunter...
  17. B

    Wanting to enter the world of driving.... but how?

    I would love to get my horse started on driving, but I'm not sure where to begin! I know that many start this process by just getting the horse comfortable with all of the tack... But what kind of harness is good to start out with, and with what kind of bit? My pony is still a yearling, so I...
  18. Little Wolf Ranch

    Driving Horses - What's too small?

    Hey again guys! I got the stick out on my yearling colt (measured on his birthday but he's almost 13 months old now) and I tagged him right at 26.50" even. According to the LB height calculator I can expect him to mature 29" to 30" tall fully grown. He was my "dream purchase" for my stallion...
  19. Lil Timber Buck

    Videos of show classes

    Okay, I know I am not posting a video, but I am looking for a good set of videos on youtube, a website, a facebook post or something online of the show classes. I have no idea what they are looking for and reading through the AMHA rule book is making me really confused. I need to see it in...