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  1. arrelle

    Teaching an Old.. Mare.. New Tricks!

    Just wanted to share because I’m very excited! Back in August, I bought a new mare via some FB photos. I wasn’t looking for a new horse, it was actually totally on a whim because she looks very similar to my existing AMHR gelding. She got here in mid September and I immediately took her to my...
  2. Stripe13

    Cart+harness fitting help

    Hey all! Rebel is finally ready to be put into the cart! With that all being said, I want to make sure that her tack looks like it’s fitting properly. I adjusted everything as much as I can but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Is there anything that looks like it needs adjustment? The...
  3. charlottein

    Different types of trees/trace attachments

    I have been watching videos on harnessing and just trying to improve myself and my understanding. I see so many different types of carts and trees and attachments. Is there like a guide to all these and how to attach them? And how exactly do I use this one? Not sure if I have been doing it right...
  4. Stripe13

    Book suggestions?

    Recently I’ve been wanting to get some more miniature horse books. Does anyone have any suggestions for good books? I’m wanting to learn some more tips on training and definitely learn more about driving and all the different forms/styles of driving out there. I’m also looking to start showing...
  5. Stripe13

    Jessica Photos

    Currently stuck at the beach because my dog needed surgery (he’s older and decided to jump off the deck chasing after a raccoon. He basically tore all the ligaments in his knee) so I’m staying here till he’s healed up enough to go back home. I’ve been here around 3 weeks, and I really miss my...
  6. Stripe13

    Driving show clothes?

    So I’m planning on going to a schooling show this upcoming January with my mini, Jessica. I’m going to be showing in open pleasure harness and open judges command harness. The thing is, it’s going to be very cold. I know typically women who show in harness where dresses, however I definitely...
  7. Stripe13

    Driving style questions

    Hello all! I'm still kind of new to driving (only been driving for about 2 months now, luckily my horse already knows how to drive), so I have a few questions about driving in shows. I have seen all different styles of driving, from western country pleasure to roadster. my question is, what...
  8. Tess

    New to Driving - Questions

    Hi Everyone, It has been awhile since I last wrote on here, but I have a few questions. First of all, I am interested in driving minis, but I have no experience with that. I have never even seen a mini and cart in person before... And here are my questions. 1) I think I should start by taking...
  9. xrdh

    Driving Trained Class B Mini

    I'm looking for an experienced driving mini 36" to 39" tall. Safe and sane. Doesn't need to be registered or show quality. Experience driving out in the woods (outside of an arena) a plus. I live in NE Washington state and offer a beautiful and safe home with driving experience and lots of room...
  10. Kelly Warner

    AMHA & AMHR. Looking for more information on the different driving classes.

    Leaning towards roadster but would love help with most popular driving classes. Also is there a chariot class with a single horse? Thanks in advance.
  11. E

    Driving bitless..... anyone?

    2 years ago we gained 2 minis that we acquired when someone paid us back a loan in horses...... We thought it best to get them out of the situation there were in, so for $29 we had a yearling colt and his mother. We immediately got him castrated. I have been raising horses for many years...
  12. HomesteadFox

    Maybelle's Training & Fitness Journal

    I decided to start a journal to keep track of the progress I make with my Miniature, Maybelle. She is 13, registered and was at one time a broodmare. I have had her since May of 2017 and she came to me as a seasoned, been there done that kind of horse. She really helped restore my confidence in...
  13. HomesteadFox

    2019 National Drive Spring Addition

    Is anybody planning to attend the National Drive this spring? This will be my first year attending and I'd love to meet some fellow mini drivers. Maybelle will be going with me. We start conditioning next month as she's had about a year off.
  14. HomesteadFox

    Frontier Equestrian Carts

    Does anyone have a cart from Frontier? I am looking at the easy entry style carts for trail and pleasure driving. They seem really well priced for new ones with brakes too.
  15. xrdh

    Reg. mini mule driving gelding

    Jasper is a 7 year old registered miniature mule who is gentle, smart and talented. 32" to 34" tall. He drives, jumps, and excels at obstacles. He has never bitten or kicked anyone and he gets along well with my other minis, big horses and dogs. Jasper has never been lame or sick. He is all...
  16. rjrubicon

    Next help with adjusting to balance out weight of cart on small mini

    Help! I am an experience driver of horses in carts, wagons and carraiges. I recently acquired a small A sized mini. She came with harness and easy entry mini 2 wheel cart. I am stuck on a problem that I cannot seem to solve. First off, very little is level in my part of Virginia---finding a...
  17. KLJcowgirl

    Just a few beginner driving questions.

    Hello again. I started my mini driving this summer, I've driven horses before, but have never trained one to do it. She's doing pretty well, but just when I think she's ready to be actually attached to something, she proves me wrong. I took her out yesterday and she had a big spooking...
  18. jventresca

    DIY Axle Draft

    MajorClementine asked if anyone had changed the draft on a cart from the single tree at shaft height to an axle draft. I did this with a Meadowbrook cart. This cart had heavier springs than the normal Meadowbrook. I hung two straps from the crosspiece (located on the shafts near the body of...
  19. BriarwoodAcres

    Country Pleasure driving help

    Hi guys!! I am starting my boy Cat in harness. Ive been driving for years so I know a lot of the basics but I am looking to finish him as a country pleasure horse. Can anyone give me some good tips or tricks to help teach him to work off his hind end etc... of the things I need to help teach...
  20. k_kreutz

    Training to use the rear end?

    Hello All, I am new to the driving world, and I would like some advice on how to get your horse to really pull the cart with their hind end. What exercises do you perform in order to help make this a habit to the horse? What do you do in the cart vs. out of the cart? Any advice helps.