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  1. love_casper

    Mercedes' first day out

    Princess lazily walked along and let Mercedes run laps around her. It was so funny!! Tired! I love this one, she has her daddy's eyes. Hope you guys enjoy my little girl as much as I do!!!
  2. love_casper

    Mercedes' first day out

    Mercedes had her first day out today! She likes to GO! First there were cuddles to be had in the stall... Then I held Princess in the aisle while baby couldn't figure out how to cross the threshhold After she was out of the barn she followed mama to the round pen And then they RAN...
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    Thanks so much everyone! Your replies all made me smile so much today!! Glad you liked my story lol!! Had a bit of a nap and finally some breakfast.... yeah I made breakfast earlier but my cat Prozac ate it while i wasn't looking. Feel much better but still wuddling my murds a bit. Oh how did...
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    I HAS A BABY I HAS A BABY I HAS A BABY!!!!!!!! Also, I haven't slept in a day and a half so if this is all muddled and incoherent that would be why. I stayed up all night watching Princess stand in the corner of her stall looking quite bored. She was at day 325 today. Went...
  5. love_casper

    Color Question!

    Sounds smokey silver black to me. Check out Karla's Tucker on the photo forum or Jill's Destiny.
  6. love_casper

    Tucker, Mazie and the rest....

    There's my favorite little herd! Gypsy and Mazie. Matched pair. Must happen! Mazie's white mane is so clean! Awesome! My guys that are supposed to be white are all quite brown right now lol! Love my grulla... she matches the mud.
  7. love_casper

    Please show me your silver blacks!

    This guy is absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't stop staring at him. Looks just like a tiny version of an Arab/Welsh pony I used to ride. And blue eyes too.... wow. Good thing Maryland is too far for me to pop over and ponynap him!
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    Awesome new babies!!! I love them both! That is going to be one beautiful little golden buckskin filly. Would you possibly mind explaining to us new nervous expectant mothers how on earth you can turn around an upsidedown foal? What you hold, when you push/pull, etc? My two girls are due this...
  9. love_casper

    Equine Herpes virus outbreak

    So far two barns in Weld County, CO have been put under lockdown, and I have heard CSU has as well. I live in Weld County and am close to the college. We've decided not to take in the new boarders we had scheduled, and we are quarantining the 2 that came in yesterday as best as we can. Our...
  10. love_casper

    We killed Osama Bin Laden !!!!

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. “Like many people, I feel like celebrating. Remember this feeling. It is human, and can help us understand when others express bloodlust.” – John Green
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    What color is this foal?

    She could be Smoky Cream, that would be my guess. I bet that dorsal will go away with her foal coat, especially if neither parent is dun. She's adorable!!
  12. love_casper

    Polished chrome!

    Ohmygosh Mapple Hollow that second foal you posted is a clone of my Sugar! The last two pics were from last summer, she's 17 next month. You've got the makings for more than one matched driving pair there. I had to do a triple take to see if # 3 and 4 was the same horse. I would love...
  13. love_casper

    Is the USA Better Off Today Than We Were Two Years Ago?

    It appears we have established that we are in a recession. So here, you fix the budget! You fix the budget The puzzle does not have a political bias. It proves that if America applied all the democratic tax raises, we'd still have a huge deficit. If we applied all the republican spending cuts...
  14. love_casper

    An Australian backyard

    That is AWESOME!! It's so fluffy and cuddley. Of course so are Bailey and Willow. Too much cuteness in one picture!!!
  15. love_casper

    What is your minis favorite item of amusement?

    My ponytail hair ties! Hey Marty, if our horses ever met, my horses would steal your horses' scrunchies!