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    Prayers Needed for a Friend's miniature who

    Prayers are being sent your way!! Best of luck with Amber and in catching those dogs!!
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    Question about Dentist

    AT what age do you have their teeth done? I have a appointment at the local dental school this week and we are taking all of our horses. MY question is I have 4 weanlings-yearlings should I take them also or just skip them? Cost is not a factor, the work is free because it is the students...
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    They do have a couple of their own horses but their daughters is 22 yrs old and has alot of problems with heaves. That is why I let her use our gelding. Their other two horses look ok the old mare is ribby but she has always been even when she was owned by the previous owner. When I picked...
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    PtHA 2006 World Show

    Am I seeing things or actually "not seeing things?" :
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    Well I learned a very hard lesson, we leased one of our horses (big) to a friend of ours for their daughter to ride. I know these people and have seen their other horses so I was not concerned. My husband and I went to see our horse and we were shocked! He is a quarter horse and a very stocky...
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    New Foal at Southern Heart :-)

    What a cutie, but ya need the other end : !!!!!!! Congratulations :aktion033:
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    More on Dwarfism and Research

    Robin, There is such a need for more people and breeders like you in all size horses!! Kudos to you for being upfront and honest. Thank You for all your and your families work to better the breed!
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    Who's that horse?

    Mine is the one that started all my "troubles" , I admit I am addicted!!! He is Little Kings Blaze My Dream, a fitting name!!
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    How do you look for Dwarfs in Pedigree?

    How do you get ahold of John? What about setting up a fund so people can put their money where their mouth is!! If AMHA and AMHR don't want to fund it then why can't we as mini owners do it ourselves, instead of just talking about it? There has to be a way to have John set something up to...
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    Who deworms there horses in the winter

    We worm after a heavy frost and then don't worm until spring, I have read numerous times that we are worming to much and the worms are getting immune to the wormers. During the summer we worm on a regular basis, and we do worm babies during the winter, but that is it. We have had no problems...
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    Question about AMHR

    My stud will be three on March 19th, do I have to wait until that date to send in permanent height papers? Thanks
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    Mini Donkey shivering

    I have a friend that raises donkeys and she had told me that thyroid problems are somewhat common in donkeys!! I just got one a couple of months ago that has a terrible coat, and I am going to get her thyroid tested after the holidays!!!
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    Looking for a vet

    I need to find a vet in Michigan around the Saginaw area that does minis!! I have a couple of mares that need to be checked and my regular vet can't do it!! So if anyone knows of a good vet in Michigan that does minis, I am even willing to haul them to get them checked!! Thanks
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    On Jenny Stare......

    Its a full moon tonight!!! I bet she goes tonight or tomorrow!!!
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    Mouse holes...

    I can also send a pretty pinto colored barn cat, I have "sorrel" and black and white ones!!! Seriously I have had that problem and cats have been the only success I have had!!