What's in YOUR Trash can?!

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Sep 10, 2003
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Now in Virginia
So I am making bread this morning...and I hear a crash....tinkle..tinkle...so I look over and there is Nari in the trash can. And the look I got when I disturbed her.... priceless.


So what's in YOUR Trash can?! <LOL>
I just covered my monitor in iced tea!!!!! As soon as I saw that picture of your kitty I thought of this one:


Thank you so much for the good laugh

LOL thats pretty good. And just after I read this post, my 1 year old PUPPY brings me an empty toilet paper roll out of the trash and drops it at my feet. :DOH!
Thanks everyone. <LOL> Kootenay, Now that is one fuzzy cat!

She does have Bengal type markings but she is a Maine Coon cat kitty that didn't make the cut.

Nari is what they call a Brown Mackeral color. Found out breeders are shying away from the old tradtional multi toes and she doesn't have ear tip fur like they want. Many breeders seem to dump the ones they do not want in the shelter in this area. Just glad I found her...been wanting another Maine Coon bad.

She has a medium long coat and a Racoon tail from heck. One of these days I will get a picture of it. Like there is a little bit of cat attached to the tail.

The TP roll is cute!!

Nari loves taking things and hiding them behind my DS door. My DH thinks it is funny. I set my pen down the other day and Nari grabs it and runs off...
If it is not nailed down, it is cleaned up and moved in a pile behind that door. Now if I could just teach her to put it all in a basket.
That reminds me of my cat. She loves to jump in my laundry basket. She loves getting into stuff too. She likes to play with nail files and pencils. She'll also chew through computer wires, electric cords, metal wire toilet connectors, (have no idea what they are called). That cat has teeth of steel. :DOH!

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