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Jan 24, 2024
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Michigan, USA
My mare finally released her hostage on Friday. I'm looking for tips and tricks and all the help in raising a happy well adjusted mini!

So far I have been handling her all over her body am/pm. They are stalled at night and turned out when weather permits. She's used to wearing a blanket thanks to spring in northern Michigan. I have also been hand walking mom so she's getting active exercise, learning to follow, and learning gates, sights and sounds.

I'd love to know what others do going forward in the first weeks and months to make life easier as she grows!


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There are 2 main trains of thought on foals. One side says do everything you can while they are young to desensitize them. The other side says minimal handling. I have never done the imprint training on them as newborns and I like to give them some time before I start doing much other than restraining them. Once the mare allows it, I like to catch and hold my baby once or twice a day. Not pick up, just a hand on the chest and one around the behind. As soon as they relax I release them. I tried the whole using a full sized horse halter as a harness last year, and while it made it super easy to move my colt, I had a hard time halter breaking him fully. I'm not sure I would do that again.
I’m with HersheyMint - no help - just enjoying your beautiful foal and happy momma!

It really sounds as if you are giving your little one a positive start in her new world!

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