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Jan 23, 2021
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Southern CA

I saw this from the National Equine Resource Network and thought it was worth sharing

I'll be in the barn.
When people have come to visit over the years
they commonly hear from me "I'll be in the barn."
When life gets hard I'll be in the barn.
When things are just right I'll be in the barn.
When the sun shines
The rain falls
Or snow covers the ground
I'll be in the barn.
If things seem to be falling apart or if I'm
celebrating the simple things, I'll be in the barn.
When I'm looking for answers or trying to clear my mind, I'll be in the barn.
When I'm looking for myself, I'll be in the barn.
If I'm working or trying to relax, I'll be in the barn.
Even when I'm not in the barn my mind drifts there, I find myself thinking about being in the barn...
It's where I keep my riches
All my wins and my failures
Every one of my hopes, dreams, hardships and
You can find them all in the barn, buried in the hay, hiding under a halter, spilling out of the feed bins,or glimmering with dust in the evening light.
I may be covered in dust, dirt, feed, hair, and hay, smell of sweat and manure, and sometimes there may be blood or tears but I'll be there. I'll be in the barn.
So if your wondering where to find me, I'll be in the barn. If I'm not there I promise I'm on my way.
Author Unknown
I think almost all of us can relate.
I had a thought a couple of years ago when someone said "You must really like horses..." And I don't know that I do. I just know that I couldn't imagine life without them. Obviously I do love my horses, and my donkey, but I can't even fathom what people who don't have horses - have the barn, live like. How do they deal with tough things? Where do they find comfort and escape? Can't relate.

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