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Triggy&Blue&Daisy Too

Mary Lou I hope you'll leave this on the main board for a short bit but if you move it I understand.

I'm SO EXCITED, I just have to share or EXPLODE! I can't believe I did this and I'm still walking on air right now. She is nine, 16 hh, fantastic breeding, superbly trained and best of all she has the sweetest personality ever--a total love bug

Please allow me to introduce my new Quarter horse mare, Daisy. What a gorgeous butt don't you think?

Shirley, Daisy is beautiful! I can see why you are so excited. Congratulations. Janet Day
Just gorgeous!


Liz M.
Coming from a butt person, yes that is one nice butt! Nice all over, and I can feel your excitement thru the computer.
[SIZE=21pt]OH man..... be still my heart..........[/SIZE]

my heart.......she goes a beep a beep..............

I gotta ride that horse
I was just wondering what you had been up to, that we hadn't heard from you in awhile...now I know why! WOWWOWWOW!!!

I, too, must say:

My name is susanne, and I'm a buttaholic...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!
Wow...Congrats Shirley! She is gorgeous! (I've been thinking that I want another full sizer again too)...Lucky you!
Shirley she's drop dead gorgeous.....even if her butt does look big in that photo
LOL Fizz. Was just sitting here thinking how strange it is when we women brag about the size of our butts.

She's gorgeous Shirley.! !
Oh Shirley, there ain't nothin like the butt of a good quarterhorse. My favorite big horse! She's wonderful, super color, nice size, fab buns. Does she ride as smooth as she looks. Congratulations, it's nice to hear you so happy and excited!

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! More pics please!!!!

I miss my QH's, and Butt Hugging sessions!!! What are her Bloodlines? She really is a Beauty! Congratulations to you and Daisy!!!

A horse is a horse of course of course
And we love them all..what a butt! Almost as big as mine

Love those QH's, had a double registered Palomino geldiong for years , my daughter's 4-H horse..he's now 33 yrs old and still going. That daughter is now 41.

So I know you'll be best friends for a long time to come! Congratulations, Maxine
Thanks for all the wonderful comments on her, I wasn't quite ready to buy but when one like this comes along if you don't do it, you regret it forever. This is really the first horse I've had that I didn't train myself. I usually buy two year olds and train them the way I like. But I'm old, well perhaps smart, enough to start facing reality--that I can't afford to be breaking anything anymore on green horses so I told my kids I'm spending their inheritance.

Butt hugging
I'm going to be doing a lot of that for sure. She really is a joy to ride Dimi, I rode her for over an hour last weekend and my muscles are stilll screaming but at least I didn't fall off--well I must admit I almost did when I shifted my weight on the rail and she did a flying change, wasn't really expecting that
I haven't ridden in 10 years so I guess I'm glad I can walk at all this week. The most notable in her lines are Two Eyed Jack and his progeny on the top, her dam's side looks to be mainly palomino Bar horses.

I can't wait to go trail riding!


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