What happens when you find you must use your head and not your heart

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Apr 16, 2009
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As most of you know, I brought home the most wonderful yearling colt from White Tail Miniatures on the 12th. His arrival was very much anticipated and a dream come true for me. I have stated more than once that I've been following (and drooling over!) Marlene and Holly's horses since I first met them in 2009, never thinking I'd actually have the opportunity to own one for myself.

Then came the concern over when I might be able to geld him. The opinions vary widely. My vet's own belief is that there was nothing more *she* could do if the other testicle didn't descend on its own. The consensus was that I'd be waiting for some unknown period of time (likely at least a year?) for nature to take its course before I could have him gelded. Unfortunately for me, I am not set up here to keep a young stallion separated *safely* for that amount time. I'm sure we could figure out a way but that way would have included a lot more work, expense and worry. Worry that all our efforts would eventually be thwarted and worry that someone would get hurt in the process (the colt, my mares, myself). Not to mention the poor boy is already pretty darn unhappy that he can't just be with my girls and is constantly separated, even if they can get nose to nose through a gate. He's a very social boy! Its not fair to him to ask him to essentially live a bachelor's life for the foreseeable future.

So it was with much sadness and regret that I contacted Marlene and Holly at White Tail Miniatures last Friday and asked them to help me decide what our next steps should be. I couldn't have asked for a better response than what I got. No harm, no foul...bring him back and let's find you another horse that WILL work for your current needs. They personally love this boy to bits and are actually more than glad to have him back. I was given a couple of different options to choose from and I've gone with what I think is my next best choice: I'm bringing home a 2013 weanling buckskin filly that I fell in love with during one of my visits this summer. She's got legs up to there, a lovely head, and fantastic conformation. I saw her move across a field and it took my breath away watching her float above the ground.

She was sired by their stallion Alliance Scouts Bonus, a Boones Little Buckeroo & L&D Scout grandson. If that weren't good enough, Bonus has Johnstons Vanilla, Johnstons Gold Bar, Gold Melody Boy, Stouts, Dell Teras, Komokos Little Husseler, and Orion in his pedigree. The filly's dam breeding adds Rhotens Dandy to an already great pedigree. With her legs and this pedigree, I think I've got another potential cart horse in my herd now with excellent potential for showing in both halter and cart classes.

As far as I can see, I could not have had a better outcome. I am so glad that I chose Marlene & Holly as the breeders for my latest purchase. I know that the previous breeders I purchased from would not have worked so hard to help me get the right horse for me. I know that there will always be small part of me, the heart of me, that will wonder if I'm making the right choice. There is absolutely no doubt that if our setup was different, if I could bring in another colt or already gelded horse to be his companion, this amazing boy would NOT be going back. In the end, I need to use my head and not my heart. And I have to do what's best for the animals involved, not me. This is what's best for him. This is what's best for my mares. These are the things I've learned from the great information found on these boards over the last 4 years since I joined. So, in a sense, you all have had a hand in this!

We go back on Saturday and I will share pics next week
I'm so so sorry. Sounds like you have made the right choice though...the filly sounds beautiful and I can't want to see a picture of her. Will be praying for you, as you go through all of this. I've had to do the samething, years ago, when we brought a male Yorkie puppy home. We had to trade him for his sister, due to some unforeseen issues, and it was the best decision we have ever made. Pebbles, the little girl, we had for 13 wonderful years. She was a runt...all 2 lbs. 11 oz. of her, but she was family. We miss her dearly and will never, ever forget her and never once regretted our decision. God Bless you, Joy.
Thanks Lisa. While I'm sad that this didn't work as originally planned, I honestly could not ask for a better outcome. And like your situation, it may be that this is the best thing for all involved. That's what counts in the end. I almost chose her over the colt in August when I made my final decision. Maybe this is how it was meant to be.
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Sounds like it is win win. While I no longer breed I believe good breeders, big or small, make all the difference.
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I always tell myself, things happen for a reason...even when we can't see it at the moment and even when what is happening is hurting . There is a reason for everything. And yes, I think this is what is meant to be for you...and once you get her home, then it will all fall into place.
Im sorry that your baby boy is not going to work out and glad you are getting another. I hope that all works out for you and is just as great match as he was.

AND CUDOS to WhiteTail Farm!!!

Breeders like you are rare!

What a wonderful thing you are doing!

2 Thumbs UP!!!!
I second the salute to Whitetail Farm!

I'm glad things are going to work out for you wingnut, I'm sure your new little girl will fill your heart and help you accept that the first one was not meant to live with you.
There is one other thing you could do to see if the teste is just hiding out. have your vet knock him out completely and roll him on his backbone. If it's just lurking, it will pop up and you can have him gelded.
Also so sorry that your boy didnt work out, but I think you will LOVE the filly too. She sounds wonderful! It is SO refreshing to hear that other breeders still stand behind what they sell without a bunch of crap or leaving the buyer stuck with something that was either misrepresented or had physical problems (stifle issues, bad bites, etc..)

I have also admired the horses at that farm from afar and will certainly add them to my 'recommend' list to others! We would love to see pics or video of your new girl too!!

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