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Just don't forget, minis are still horses, so many of the same training techniques used on full-size horses can be used with minis. Basic care, grooming and training is basically the same with minor adjustments to work with their size. Your friends with full-size horses can still teach you plenty about working around horses safely, they might be a better resource than they realize.
Wanted to congratulate you on walking away from that seller. You made the right move, especially if you want your little one to learn to show. There are many nice minis out there, and you can check the LB Sale Board here for some possibilities, too. Lots of times they have very nice horses for sale, and can tell you about them. I found a wonderful show gelding for someone who contacted me looking for a horse for her daughter, and I found her one on the sale board here, and now her 8-9 year old daughter is having the time of her life showing him. He was an experienced show gelding, and he was transported right from the AMHA World show by another farm here in Florida, who was showing at World's, and we made arrangements that were quite reasonable for the horse to be delivered when they returned after the show.

The daughter has been very pleased with her little gelding and she's been learning from him as well, since he knew the show routine.

Good luck in your search, and sounds like you are moving in the right direction, and we're certainly here to help you in any way we can.
THANKS Everyone for the encouragement and information. We are leaning on our friends who have big horses and they always say "I don't have minis, but......." and we assure them that minis are very similar in care, but have some differences.

If you all want to have a good laugh you can laugh at my expense. We got the cart ahead of the horse.
Literally. When we went on Monday and looked at the mare that was a little jumpy for our needs the gal also had a Jerald Sulky Runabout cart for sale. It was a good price and we couldn't pass it up when she said she was including the harness as well. So yes, we have a cart for a mini horse and no horse.
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There is usually an age at which a child is allowed to handle a stallion in the show ring. I am thinking that age is 16 but you might want to check into that. A gelding would probably be the wisest choice to start with, fine the right one and they will have a mellow and even temperament that you can depend on. And when I say mellow I don't mean "dead" I mean sensible. A horse that you can trust with a child. I have mares, a stallion and geldings. The geldings usually make the show string because they are dependable and a great way to advertise the farm.
Wow you are on quite the adventure! I hope you can find what you are looking for. I have had minis my whole life and I can say have molded me into who I am today. Over the summer I borrowed a falabella stallion from a friend to breed some of my girls. I can not promise that they are pregnant but I may have four pregnant mares ready to foal next summer. Two have already been claimed.
I was shocked ha didn't know they would go so quick. But if you are interested I would gladly sell you one or possibly two at weaning next year. Only two of the mares are registered. They are ranging in size from 30in to 37. The stallion is 27in. Hope this helps and yes I know it's quite a drive but you would like to meet my mares I know they would love it. I am a volunteer for mane in heaven. A animal assisted therapy group. At the moment I don't have time to help them all that much sadly. But I do understand the type of horse you are looking for. A weanling may be younger than you want, but if you want to start with one young I would suggest a weanling. But personally a gelding is fantastic! I hope find the perfect horse soon:)

I mean foals not mares haaa not clear. Sorry my first post on hear lol. My girls are my worlld I could never part with them:) ( if there are still typos I blame it on this IPad)
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To bad you are not closer to me in Quebec. I have a filly for sale who is use to kids. I have a 3 year old son and a 5 year old son. I am in Quebec.
I would certainly recommend an older, fully-settled, gelding, not any young horse. I base my opinions on over 64 years immersed in most all aspects of horse use, care, and keeping.
THANKS for all of the offers. I don't think we are quite up to traveling to Quebec and going through all of the red tape I am sure there probably is to bring a horse in to the States!!!

We have found a 6 year old mare that has been with a family that has 3 boys, 11, 9 and 3. This mare is led around by the 3 year old with no problems. The family had been working with her and halter leading her. They were starting to train her as they were wanting to show her. She even backs up really well. The boys have lost interest in her and so they are getting rid of her. We have decided that we will be getting her and bringing her home next week. We still have to finish building the pen area for her.

We also came across a farm that had over 50 minis. We saw someone outside so we stopped and visited with them. They were such nice people. They let us right in to see all of their minis and we got to pet them and love on them. Our kids were quite excited and moving quickly, but not one of the mares or the weanlings had any problem with it. Not one of them blinked an eye or twitched a tail or even paid attention to the fact that our kids were kind of noisy. They even had about a 24" rubber ball in the pen that the horses play with and my daughter was sitting on it and bouncing on it, right by the big round hay bale while they were eating and not one of them was bothered. The weanlings were not afraid in any way. They didn't hesitate to walk away from the mom's and come over to us strangers. In fact they kind of followed us around. They just politely stood by you and waited to be loved on. It was incredible!!!! Well, a few of their weanlings were for sale and yes we couldn't resist!!!! We are going to get one of the weanling's. She is a little dark colored girl (sorry don't have all these color names down yet) and since she followed us all around we are going to name her Shadow. She won't be ready to come home for a few weeks yet, but we are excited.

Also, this weekend we are going to go to the Clay County Fair here in Iowa. I have never been before but we have heard it is comparable to our State Fair. Anyway, there will be miniature horse shows all weekend and we are hoping to meet a lot more people. And learn even more!!! If anyone from the forum has been to the mini horse show's at the Clay County Fair I would love to hear all about it, like how many horses, etc.

THANKS for taking this adventure with us!!!
Sounds very exciting, can't wait to see pictures of your new little ones!!

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