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Nov 17, 2003
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North Dakota
This will be my dauthers and mine frist time showing miniatures at a AMHR show. We ae both more then alittle over excited.LOL Lets just say I'm almost ready to change my mind and run!And she rearing to go dragging me telling me how much fun showing is "remember MOM"

I think I've gotten everything ready for the horses! New showhalters, ect

Now for us...What is proper dress for showing miniatures at halter?

I had shown big horses years ago and she does show her minni filly and big gelding in 4-H and small local shows. But in 4-H there is a dress code and local shows is your basic western,colored jeans, vests and blouse.

I need to know if that would be OK or does she need to wear a blazer ect.

Also what about ol Mom what do I wear
Bear in mind I'm an old fat lady.LOL
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littlesteppers said:
Good luck to you both..how old is your daughter??


She is 12! And so excited I don't think she's sleeping at night. The shows is the ND State Fair in a week.Mom's getting cold feet.LOL
Here is a picture of my daughter at her first show..I believe she was 14 in that picture..might give you an idea :)

What works for a 4H show should work for your daughter at an AMHR show. Most of the youth wear show pants or nice black jeans with a slinky top and vest, jacket or tunic top. Not many wear hats except for showmanship which requires hat and gloves. For mom in a halter class, black pants and a flattering blazer (to you and your horse) work well.

Good luck, relax and enjoy.

Remember that halter is judged on the horse and not the handler. I applaud you for going to your first show and wish you luck. Nonfaded jeans and a nice long sleeve shirt is sufficient to start showing in. Just look clean and neat. While at the show start looking around to get an idea what other people are wearing. One of the best places to get blazers and nice show outfits are the local thrift stores. Very cheap and perfectly acceptable.
I just wear a black suit, fancy necklace and rhinestone pins in my hair. I pretty much throw any old semi-neat shirt under it.

Not exactly on the cutting edge of show ring fashion, but no one has ever accused me of being a slave to fashion.

Quick and easy, and if a piece gets destroyed it's easy to go to the nearest Ross or TJ Max and replace it. I've had to do that before.
keep in mind that whatever you wear will get half ruined LOL. I buy all my jackets etc at the thrift store. Made the mistake one year of buying a really exspensive outfit that was ruined in one show season. Then again im a pretty messy person
Ebay is another good source for inexpensive show clothes. I've gotten some pretty nice $10-20 jackets, worn them awhile and passed them on. Also got a really elegant show top for my daughter on Ebay for $150 that would have been at least double that retail, probably more.

search Ebay under "showmanship" you will find all sorts of stuff and usually there are a number of nice kids outfits that were originally very expensive and are just lightly used but outgrown.

Here is a pic of my 7 year old in the outfit he wore last year. I bought the complete outfit - shirt, vest, tie, pants at Sears in the boys department for $30. He got it stained at a show and I went and bought another one just like it.


Here is a pic of my 10 year old daughter in last years show outfit. The Hobby Horse top we got for 50% off on Ebay (new with tags) - I think it was $99 compared to about $200 on the Hobbey Horse site. Her black pants were about $5 at Target and she went through 3 pairs.

I got them each a basic youth western hat (about $25) and black showmanship gloves ($14). Boots I got at cheap at Payless and as soon as they got beat up looking or outgrown I just bought new ones. If they wanted to run around in the mud or beat them up I didn't care because they were so cheap.


I need to get new stuff for nationals and am bargain shopping right now.
We have bought several things from ebay! Some are way to big for my daughter and may fit yours feel free to pm me and I can see if we have something that you might be interested in, otherwise, my daughter started last year wearing nice western shirt and black jeans with black boots.


this was her last year at our first show. We didn't even know you had to have a hat for showmanship and this wonderful man was generous enought to give her a brief discription of showmanship and let her borrow the hat!

this is her this year


and this is her being casual, she said it was too hot for a blazer


and her showmanship jacket


ok sorry to post so many pics, but I just love our horses and how well my daughter is doing with them, they are very much in love with each other....

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