LOTS of questions on Showing + Driving

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Awesome! My Instagram name is 4_mini_minies I'll go follow you now

Thanks for answering the questions they help a lot
I would do jumping (Love jumping) But I have kinda only jumped Toby with me, as in we both jump the jump so If i do enter jumping I might have to teach Them to jump without me first haha.

Do your online competitions give ribbons? I have always wanted to win a ribbon I even have a ribbon rack with 2 solid brass horse heads on each end for when I one day win one haha
I really thought they would be more to enter! That is great and I would be more than happy to pay an entry fee, Looks like so much fun
If you don't do it on instagram do you have to upload on Youtube or something or can you send it to the judge?

Thanks so much! I am so excited!

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