Walking/Hiking in 2023

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Me too! ;) We have a wonderful long repurposed trail that bisects our property but it gets lonely sometimes as there are no other horses that travel, in our stretch anyway. Sometimes we cross paths with ATV /UTV drivers but that’s not the same!
I posted 2 walks on last years thread instead of 2023 walking and hiking thread. I'm moving those to walks over to here. I like keeping track of how many miles I walk at the end of the year. So, to make it easy for me, now they are all on the same thread. 2022 I walked 50 miles 🙂
1/22 .75 mile Hershey
2/11 2.25 mile Mint
You gals are “going to town” on your walking! That is terrific! I’m still waiting for the ice covered driveway and road to thaw. 😂 It is beginning to give way along the very edge of the roadways, but we are expecting snow this week. Nothing huge, anywhere from 2”-5”, enough to keep things covered.

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