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Apr 3, 2004
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I just wanted to let everyone know that BB & Pnut are doing wonderful in their new home
They have become buddies with Lil Bit and Rodeo. Marty, BB will let me walk up to her now and lead her in the barn for her feedings
Pnut is all over me when I am in the pasture
They are both very sweet and have fit right in here at our house. I will post pictures when I find the charger for my camera, the kids have had it and of course they don't know what they did with it
oh neat so glad to hear they are doing well and found a home!
I just knew that they wanted to be with other horses!!! I think that is the best thing that would make them the happiest. I knew they would be no trouble either. That Peanut is just underfoot isn't she? Once you get scratching on her you can't get rid of her! I miss that mama of hers something awful.....took me forever to get her to catch her. Somedays yes, most days nope! But aren't they just so sweet?

I am so glad they settled in so good and can't wait for pictures. I still look up that hill and picture them up there but I am so glad they have a place they can finally call HOME.

If you are ever passing this way you have to bring that mother of yours and come back up the mountain for a visit. I could listen to your mama all day long and never get tired of it. What a doll.

You thought it was chilly back then????? I'm in my sweats!
Oh how wonderful to here they are so happy in their new home. I can't wait to see pics. And isn't it just like kids to use something and forget where they got it from. So glad to see I am not the only one who goes thru that..............lol.......

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