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Apr 22, 2010
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Hello! I started this topic to help those of us (like me) who are new to the world of mini reproduction. (or those who just have questions) I will start out.

I have a mare I have been trying to breed for 2 breeding seasons. (last year and this year) Last year she did not settle. This year she has been with the stallion for nearly 3 months and has never gone out of heat (so it seems). Could she be bred? What should I do??
Best bet would be to have your vet check her. He can do a culture & determine if she has any infection; if so he can do a uterine flush & perhaps give a course of antibiotics. Or he may be able to determine if there is scar tissue or some other probrlem that would keep her from catching in foal.
Sometimes if you are pasture breeding, you might have to hand breed to make sure they get a good cover and don't over breed.

Things to consider: I know you said it seems she doesn't go out of heat. I think she should be vet checked. I would remove her from the stallion.

Give her a shot to get her out of heat.

When the vet gives you the all clear sign, then start teasing her with the stallion on a every other day until she starts to show signs of heat.

When you know it is the 3rd or 4th day of heat start breeding EVERY OTHER DAY until she goes out. She SHOULD go out in 7-10 days. If not she needs another shot to take her out of heat.

She could be infected since she has been in or letting the stallion breed her for this long.

Also if she is just letting the stallion breed her, you might not be able to keep them together once she is confirmed in foal.
I agree with the above advice, any mares here who don't follow a 'typical' pattern get a vet check.
In the early spring/late fall this is normal. In the late spring/summer it is not. Have a vet take a look and see what's going on. Could be a sign of needing a kickstart, or a sign of potential issues that need to be addressed to keep her healthy.
She is 7 and a maiden mare