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  1. Z

    Mini mare

    I'm bringing home this mini mare today that originally came from auction last October the lady said she dosent know if she's bred. So could she possible be wormy? I will do a full check over when I pick her up today. As she is extremely hard to catch.
  2. J

    Caring for Flicka: Ideas ?

    Hello everyone. I think you are all aware that my sweet little mare doesn't have her foal by her side anymore (see her pregnancy thread. I don't want to say it all here). Flicka came home yesterday afternoon from the vet school. The people who did her transport said she seemed to know she was...
  3. B

    Foal? Or no foal? Help!

    So i have a mini, who we bought back in october. Right now we are not sure if she is pregnant or not. We had no idea is she was exposed to a stud (she was with a bunch of other minis not sure on gender). Since than she’s been getting quite big, Comparing her to our other mini, she has a...
  4. Pitter Patter

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    Just purchased this little girl a couple of weeks ago. Previous owner wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not. Watched her eating this morning and could swear I saw movement, but is it only wishful thinking? I can't yet get a picture of her udder or her vulva because she kicks anytime I show...
  5. bluey

    WeeFoal 120 - is this test positive or invalid?

    Hi all, My mare isn't mini, but I see a few of you here use the WeeFoal pregnancy tests and I'm hoping you can help me. I used the WeeFoal 120 on my mare, this is photo of the test. I'm not sure whether the C line is faint enough to be considered invalid or not. I have emailed WeeFoal to ask...
  6. Erickson Miniature Horses

    What color is my filly?

    What color would you say my filly Belle is? She was registered as a sorrel, because that's what color she was when she was younger. But her reddish brown mane turned flaxen when she was 2 years old. Now it has turned white as a 3 year old. Is she a palomino? I don't feel that her body is a light...
  7. Lepeppylass

    Barren Mare with Stallion

    Hi everyone, I have a very healthy and happy 23 year old mini mare. She failed to settle in 2013 & 2014, but had a successful run as a broodmare in her younger days. She was sold to me as barren and I have no plans to try and get a foal from her, but I do plan to breed her pasture mate. Would it...
  8. bunni1900

    Listless Broodmare

    Hello again everyone. I have a concern about one of my broodmares. Shirley is a 13yo mare that I purchased in the spring of 2013. She was in foal at time of purchase and foaled a filly for me with great ease that May. She never seemed to get pulled down or loose weight the entire time she was...
  9. Brooke S.

    When is a stallion too old to breed?

    I know this is a really newbie question... but here goes! I'm trying to plan for my 2016 breeding season, and I want to breed one of my mares to someone else's stallion. But he's 18 years old! Since I'm a newbie I have no idea if this is too old to really have a high chance of breeding my...
  10. Minifoal

    Filly has a Rash on her Nose?

    Hello, I wanted to see if this is normal or should I treat it with something gentle? My filly born Aug. 7th., who we have named Sky has developed what I would call a rash on her nose. It's not visible in photos, so not bad, but I don't want it to get bad. I was told to put Tea Tree Oil on it...
  11. Minifoal

    Foal Care Advice

    Our mare just foaled a gorgeous little appy filly. It is trying to eat her feed at 3 days old so I am putting her feed in a trough so she can't reach it. I have care questions & would appreciate your help. 1) When is it ok to let her eat pellet feed with her Dam or when do I feed her in her...
  12. Minifoal

    The "SKY" is the limit!

    We are sooo excited about our new filly. Our Mini Mare Twilight had a real beauty! Not sure how to word what kind of Appy she is, but I do know she's black with lots of spots & the cutest blaze...LOL Think we are going to call her Sky. She's going to be triple registered because her sire is...
  13. V

    is my mare pregnant?

    i recently got this abused mare at an auction last month, she is 7 years old, and all it said was that she was exsposed to a stud. she is huge like a watermellon and has a bag, but cant figure out on how long she is. any guesses? and what colour of appaloosa markings does she have?
  14. miss_ruby

    colour/markings question?

    I bought a 4/5 year old mare a few months ago, and she was a rescue so I don't have much background information on her, for example her parents which would help with this colour situation. When I bought her she still had her winter coat so these lighter markings did not show. However since her...
  15. Brody

    Bandy's Foaling Thread - Round 2!

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum, as I only discovered it online a few days ago, but I think I am addicted already. I have learned a lot from others posts and threads, and hope to gain some further insight by sharing my mare on this thread. I have a lot of experience foaling full size...
  16. secuono

    A new critter coming soon!

    Hello all! This is my first post, I believe. I'll be visiting a little filly tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully she checks out and I'll bring her home with me! She is around a year old and pampered. I have a roughly 30x80ft area she will be in for now right by the house. It's all chainlink fencing...
  17. Sunny Delight

    Mare covered by stallion...not ideal

    Hey everyone, I bought a new mini horse mare on Saturday. She came from a place where there is no such thing as fences I stuck her in my fully electrified yard and made sure she got a zap. Message received by her. Before I left she was quite content, even with my stallion belting...
  18. Little Hooves

    We're live on YouTube!

    Please login to YouTube and give our cam a "like" at and send your friends to watch, too We're trying to show The Pet Collective that miniature horses are the coolest pets around. They contracted with us to broadcast our mare Becca's birth of her foal on YouTube. We're trying to...
  19. Morganite

    If a horse has white hairs throughout their coat, will they go grey?

    Ok, I bought this pretty little girl two years ago. Her papers, and coggins labeled her as black. She can be black or bay depending on the time of year. Today as I was grooming her, I noticed a bunch of white hairs throughout her coat. A few days ago, while reading through a thread, cannot...
  20. Gone_Riding

    How long is it after udder development that mini mares foal?

    My AMHR size B mini mare is 289 days pregnant. Yesterday, she started having udder development. She had nothing the day before. What has been your experience on how long it takes for the udder to fill until baby is born? Is this early a bad thing?