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  1. Tala

    Introduction, Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to the mini world. A few weeks ago we rescued a pony out of the kill pens at an auction and now we just rescued a mini too. They gave us his registration application, photos of him as a baby and he is incredibly sweet. Sometimes I wonder if people who send...
  2. Lil Timber Buck

    SNOW! My AMHR Mini Stud playing and plowing like crazy in the snow in his own weird way

    We rarely get much snow in Tennessee where we live so when we do my little stallion goes NUTS in it. He is the only snow plowing horse I know! He is so much fun and just LOVES life. Mini horses are the BEST.
  3. GizmoThePony


    Hello All!!!!! I bought myself a cute miniture Pony (32inch) His name is Gizmo and he is such a nice boy. Hes all by himself right now and yes some of you may think its mean but he is a stallion and i cant put a mare with him. I want to get him a buddy but i cant spend a lot of money. So how do...
  4. bunni1900

    Reproduction Questions

    Hello! I started this topic to help those of us (like me) who are new to the world of mini reproduction. (or those who just have questions) I will start out. I have a mare I have been trying to breed for 2 breeding seasons. (last year and this year) Last year she did not settle. This year she...