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Oct 23, 2007
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Freelton, Ontario
i bought a yearling filly last summer. Her mother is registered, BUT her dad only got his temporary papers and was never upgraded to permanent status. Is there any way my little filly can be registered or is she dommed to just be a pet, i really want to show her.

Also his papers were never transfered from the origional breeders.
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Highly unlikely you can get her registered. You would need to get the sire updated to permanent and file late stallion report.

IF she remains under 34 inches at 5 years, you can hardship into AMHA, but it is quite expensive.
well if you know and/or are friends with the stallion owner and they have the papers that are signed but not brought permanent you can ask if they will do it and or offer to pay to bring him permanent and file a late stallion report. You might be able to talk to the stallions breeder too to get things straightend out if you know how he/she is. If not basically your just SOL.
If you have enough information on how to gp back to the owner when he turned 5 and get them to go permanent(you may have to pay the fee and late fee), then you can get him transferred also, then have the current owner file a late stallion report(also paying the fees) it can be done. It won't be easy and will be time consuming but it will be worth it if it all works out. The AMHA is very helpful when it comes to this kind of project but they cannot bend the rules so have patience and walk through the process step by step and then it's SHOWTIME! Good luck!!

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