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  • good afternoon.. I have been trying to reach you about ordering a cart. Pat Elder gave me your forum listing, so tring it here. Please contact me. I am in need of a shetland driving show cart.


    my email is lcdaystar@yahoo.com

    Thank you
    I will not argue over your fillies condition it's not worth the time or effort to argue with you. As for finding quality mini's in Maine, there most certainly are more nice mini's than you seem to relise and for under $1200..Why should anyone sell their quality horses for under that??? You get what you pay for in most cases and even if you find cheaper outside the state you...
    No we do not know each other, but that is the point that you should understand... I most certainly know OF you.. word spreads very fast. As far as I know I did not say anything personal about you on the forum, just what seems to be fairly common knowlege.
    and i said that there werent ALOT of quality minis in maine, which is true. try finding a good mini in maine for under $1,200, then give me a message with your results ok?
    everyone that saw her agreed with me that she had been neglected. so i suggest in the future you get your story straight before blabbing it out on a forum for the whole world to see, k?
    um hi. first of all you dont know me, so you dont have a right to bring up personal things on a forum. fyi i have quite a few friends in the mini community, its just that none of them have TIME to mentor me. as for the filly she was very thin when i got her and was infested with worms and parasites. it took nearly a year to get rid of them and another 6 months before she got to a good wieght.
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