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Sep 4, 2023
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Hello all! I have been a longtime owner of miniature horses. I have two 23 year olds that I’ve had since they were weanlings, and everything in between. My minis have been grade, and one can be registered, I just never went through with it. I’ve shown at local shows, 4-h and open shows my entire life. But I’ve finally made the plunge and purchased two AMHR registered weanlings. A leopard appy filly and a gorgeous bay colt. I bought them with the intentions of showing specifically at sanctioned shows. I’ll try my luck at halter for now and when they’re of age, drive them.
I’ll have a bunch of questions…but for starters I have questions about the registry itself. I plan on bringing the babies to a show in early October to show in a couple of halter classes. They are both registered under their breeders names, would I need to register them under my own name as the owner?
Also, do I need to be an AMHR member to show? And I’m assuming I would show as an amateur…do I need to apply for a different membership to be an amateur? Thank you so much in advance!!
Here are the babies by the way!
You can show them under the former owner's name, but why would you want to? It is much more fun to have your name announced when you win! 😀 I would transfer them to your name before the show. Just be sure to keep copies of the papers before you send them in for transfer. You can pay extra for a rush--AMHR will send you an email copy of the transferred papers (At least I assume this is still offered, I have not looked in a long time.)

You do not need a membership to show. However, without a membership you do not earn any all star or Hall of Fame points. You can show amateur--for that you will need a membership and an amateur card. You can choose to show only in open classes where you won't need tge army card or the membership.
You should definitely have them registered in your name ASAP. If something happens (thieves, severe weather, fire, etc.) and you are separated, it's a way to prove ownership. If you ever sell them in the future, it is very annoying and more complicated for the new owner to get them registered in their name (I know from personal experience). Also, it will be way more fun to have results announced in your name! Enjoy your new babies
Beautiful youngsters! Congratulations! Do your older minis enjoy their new friends?

I would definitely transfer ownership to your name, and I believe you also have to be a member to do so. I was a member for many years and enjoyed several of their programs.

Enjoy those babies! :)
Thank you for the great advice everyone! You’ve helped tremendously 😊

I actually don’t have these babies home with me yet. The bay colt was shown at Nationals in the futurity class yesterday. Both of them are being transported to me from nationals when the week ends. I should have them by Sunday or Monday. I cannot wait!! I’m hoping my oldies but goodies will be patient with them, they’ve always been so good with new horses coming in, but never have had babies introduced. I don’t expect any issues but here’s to hoping!
I always transfer mine right away. I pay for a membership and an amateur card. It says you must pay for a membership for any registry work, so I think you will need one. Make copies of the papers if you are planning to show this year. AMHR is pretty quick, but you will be cutting it close to have all the paperwork back in time for the show, if you are going to the one in horseheads. If you call they will email you anything you need if you don't have it in time.

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