Over division is there a market for them?

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Nov 2, 2003
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I have seen so many nice miniatures over 34", and thinking of purchasing one down the road. Is there a market for them? I have so many people telling me that AMHA is still the way to go and to purchase an AMHR only stallion would be a waist of money and I would not get my money back in foals.

But personally if I see a horse that I like and he is over the 34" I don't know if I would have his height to stop me?? but I don't want to be stuck with babies either not like I would have alot one or two a year if that.

I seen the most amazing horse yesterday yes he was over and just gorgeous, I don't know why the height would stop anyone from looking at using him as a stud??
I can't answer your question from a showing stand point, as I don't show. I also have only bought, so don't know about resale, but... I like the over minis. I currently have one of each; an under AMHA/AMHR stallion and an over AMHR mare. I'm nearly 6' tall, so appreciate the height the over minis have; I have to bend over far enough to work on the taller ones, so the teeny tinies would just kill me. I also plan to drive and feel the upper As and any Bs are best for that purpose.
I hear this "old school" thinking all the time and can tell you in personally have found NO TRUTH in it. A nice horse is a nice horse and nice horses sell. THe B market is coming on VERY strong and has grown by leaps and bounds IMO over the past few years.

I personally am not a huge farm but I can tell you I had a A sized R only stallion I have sold all of his foals in fact had a waiting list and sold them for more then many AMHA only mares i have seen lately. Now am i getting HUGE bucks for them like 5000.00 bucks nope but I personally dont feel I have been around long enough and paid my dues so to speak to have earned the right to be up there with the big boys AMHA or AMHR

I think the old thought that an AMHR B size horse was a throw away is not only changing but they are sought after.
I think the more people begin to look at minis as performance animals, the more and more popular B's will become. I have always loved B division minis and own quite a few.
[SIZE=14pt]Almost all of mine are over, I have paid between 2500 and 5500 for my over horses. I have sold some over fillies for 2500 and more. I think that means the market is good. The B horse classes are growing and at nationals the B classes are HUGE. I prefer the 33-38 inch horses. My jr herd sire is only 32.5 though but he is shetland and amhr and will be amha when he is 5. Lots of people expressed interest in breeding to him next year.[/SIZE]

Yes, depending where you are, these is a market for over minis. About 25% of my minis are B minis and over half are double registered. Everyone that comes to my farm fall in love with Rosey who is 37" and a georgeous gray with black mane and tail. She is an arab in miniature and one of my best conformed minis. I could have sold her ten times over.
I try to buy only B size (34-38") horses, for one. I know there are lots of others like me too!

i too think the over minis are increasing in popularity. I love them!! We just purchased an ASPC/AMHR stallion to start a seperate herd of B minis and ASPC/AMHR over division horses.

Years ago there were not many showing in the B division. Its getting much more competitive!
You betcha! The market is just starting to explode. And like in the AMHA market, they are wanting certain things.....such as bloodlines and action, for instance.

I think the more people begin to look at minis as performance animals, the more and more popular B's will become.
We just bought another "B" mini specifically because we already have an all-round performance "A" size horse that we love and we wanted a similar horse for the "B" division. We paid a lot of money (if you listen to people that say geldings are not "worth as much" but I think he will prove to be worth his weight in gold once he is back in show shape.
We are starting to look for a top notch flashy B size mare (37-38ish) to add to our show string......... We have had A /R horses since 86. The last few years we have downsized our mini's & added 3 classic shetlands. We will be selling our remaining mini broodmares. We are currently showing a two year old A/R filly which we will be keeping for a future broodmare...... We will not have a lot of horses in the future but the ones we will have are going to be the best we can afford. We are concentrating on showing now & will be breeding a few down the road. Won't be breeding as many as we did with our A/R horses because after all is said & done I don't think there is going to be much profit in it....Our goal- a couple of A/R horses, classic shetlands & B/ shetland.
I also love the B horses; exspecially the ones with Spots
I too think the B market will continue to grow and I don't think the height should stop someone using him as a stud if the quality is there............take a look around there are some stunning B stallions out here and I think they will and are finding their place
So keep buying those B horses thats what makes the market grow
Heck ya there is a market for the B's...although in my neck of the woods I am one of the few with B sized. Given the fact that my hubby is a "little" on the bigger size he looks better with a B horse. I like leg, lots of it for a driving horse and have found the B horse has a better conformation to "move" than an A horse..nothing against the little guys, I have seen a bunch that can do it, but leg makes a better driving/performance horse IMHO. The hardest time I had was finding the B size, but the $$ I paid DID not indicate the market was soft in any way..a good horse is a good horse regardless of color or size.


PS added the following:

Worked a little fart today ( what a little character he is!!!) that shows lots of style and ability...he is DEFINATELY under 34
and as cute as a button, I thought, imagine if he had 3 more inches of leg what extension he would have and the range of motion he would show ..but all in all the better the attitude and natural ability the better but I dooooo like my big boys...

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[SIZE=14pt]I looked at the B 2 year old mare that the Reece family showed to supreme B and she is 35 inches and priced at 7500.00. A black overo mare that is drop dead gorgeous![/SIZE]

There is no doubt in my mind that the B market is finally grabbing a hold here in Ontario! Even as recently as five years ago, I had to fight with some fair boards to offer B mare classes so I could bring my Cloud out! This year, we have four AMHR sanctioned shows, and there are entries in all the B mare, stallion and gelding classes (except maybe foal of current year). Granted, the numbers are still pretty low, but at least they're coming out and have classes to show in!

I have a couple B mares that I fully intend to breed to Kim's B stallion when the time comes. I may have a B stallion of my own, too, depending on how big my month old colt finishes.

If there's a B horse that you really like and it meets all your needs and criteria, I would say go for it!! Don't even hesitate!

Oh, and for that crap about AMHA horses being worth more than AMHR horses, I say no way. You show me one AMHA show here in Ontario. Can't do it because there are none. There are only maybe three in NY, and even fewer than that in Michigan. AMHR is where it's at here in Ontario and that's where most of our selling market is, too.
I wish there was a market for them here in OK! I have a couple of incredible weanlings that I think may end up being B size and they would make top show horses. Unfortunately, there's no market here and you can't hardly give them away!
The market for B horses here is very poor, but the market for A is still booming. We have sold sixteen in the past week.
I think that the poor attitude towards AMHR horses in general is slowly changing towards the positive. Sadly, the value of exclusively AMHR horses hasn't been as good as an AMHA horse. However, I see people looking more for horses that are of a size that "CAN DO"". So I think the times they are a changing. Last year, I bought my first exclusively AMHR horse from Marnie S. (Sunset Ridge) from our forum and have never regretted it. Misty is a great beauty. Why hold it against a horse because of a registry or size? A good horse is a good horse. I think people in general are changing a lot from looking for tiny cute horses, to performance horses. Although I have had driving horses tat are only 30" and could GO all day long, many people feel they want a little bigger horse. Also, being a plus size gal, a little bigger horse may be better, and people are figuring that out. There is room for the tinies and the bigger tinies. Just like in the world of Yorkshire Terriers(my other world) , There are shrimps and jumbo shrimps, and they are ALL GREAT!
I really feel the value of AMHR horses versus AMHA horses depends on your geographic location. Personally, the papers my horses MUST have are AMHR. AMHA too is nice and many of mine are double registered but in my area, it's the AMHR papers I really get a chance to use (shows).
As for what I sell , the market we have is the same for AMHA or AMHR , and as to the over division , I sell lots of those and I do not price them any different than I do the unders. I feel that if they are a $7,500 horse it does not matter what size they are going to be, a GOOD HORSE IS A GOOD HORSE
If I feel they are only worth $1,000 it works the same way . I have sold several under mini's for $500 as well as over 's .. I also have sold for example just half interest in a over mini stud for $10,000 .. So I feel a horse is only worth what some one is willing to ask for it and what the other person is willing to pay

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