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I can’t resist getting involved in this conversation. My cat “Bug” brought this in for me a few days ago. She’s basically an indoor cat, but we have enclosed the underneath of our deck, so she can go out. It’s amazing what she can get in her little 12 x 12 area!


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Well, if I knew where this thread was going, I would of posted a pic of my barn cat with the gopher she brought me. I love to share too 😍 🤣
Happy Valentine's Day to all
I had to edit, I did take a pic of Lucy and her prize 🤣


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Well, if I knew where this thread was going, I would of posted a pic of my barn cat with the gopher she brought me. I love to share too 😍 🤣
Happy Valentine's Day to all
I had to edit, I did take a pic of Lucy and her prize 🤣
Good girl!
I am hoping that since Pepper swallowed a mouse she will become a hunter and no longer afraid of them. We'll see..
My 7 grandchildren came by today. First time meeting Pepper. Pepper has seen no children before and was freaked out at the commotion. But they were all really good with her and before long she was making friends. It didn't hurt that the youngest is a crumb-dropper ! Such good socializing for her! I'm thrilled she handled it so well.


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Hi all, first time on in a while!!
Lil Miss Benelli is no longer little! 😭 A week out from 6mo old and is up to 34lbs already. Cute as a button, and sometimes too smart for her own good. 😂😂 She just finished all her puppy vaccinations today, and the vet said she has all her adult teeth in. Benelli knows sit, down, spin, twirl, high five, touch, and come about 60% of the time.


A week or two ago, before her haircut.
Billy had a chiro appt today so I took Pepper for socializing. I did take the crate in my pickup, as I left her in it while we had lunch afterward. She said "hello" to everyone, was good around the horses, and stayed close by off leash. We took the little horses to be weighed afterward, and she was good. She ran across the elevator scale several times, but she didn't register! We're hoping with all this work she will be a good dog.
yesterday we went for a walk in town as I had some errands to run. Pepper went with me to the voting office for early voting. We parked downtown and walked the few blocks to the voting office. I am working at the polls, so voted early. She was a wild child on the way there, but settled down like a good girl and allowed people to pet her. I am so hoping she will be a friendly dog as she matures. Right now she likes being home best with her people, horses and chickens.
Pepper went for spaying yesterday. Picked her up this morning. She loved seeing me, but then turned back to greet the vet tech again. I thought that said something about her care.
One dew claw removed (so lightly attached it barely bled when removed), two baby teeth removed that were interfering with adult teeth coming in; 4 months supply of heart worm chews; pain medication for 3 more days; prescription for travel anxiety pills; nails clipped; overnight care + the surgery--$293.
She was happy to be home and went to visit the horses, on leash. Had a few crunchies, and hopefully now a nap.
They said she did not offer to lick the wound, so she did not come home with a cone. Just need to keep an eye on her. So far she has not thought of licking.
The other day I thought something was wrong with Gray Kitty! I called my neighbor all freaked out. Gray Kitty wouldn’t walk on her hind legs she was just squatting along. My neighbor told me not to touch her and of course we were both thinking the worse. My neighbor being a vet was thinking she was gonna have to put her down! …Possible rabies, something neurological, who knows! … My neighbor came over to check on her and come to find out… Gray Kitty was in heat!! We had a good laugh about that 🤣🤣 I guess I have never seen a cat in heat before, that little hussy!🤣🤣

Well now… Gray Kitty found a boyfriend! Uggg! That little hussy!! So now it looks like we will be having another addition, Gray Kitty’s Boyfriend, I think I will call him Garfield! My neighbor is going to try to trap him to give him shots and to see if he is fixed. My neighbor and I are going to be called the ”crazy cat ladies” if this keeps up 🤣🤣 Neighbor is taking Gray Kitty in next week to be fixed.
Yes, kitties in season are terribly embarrassing. The only time we've had a female, she was a wreck. I called the vet and asked how long it would go on, and he said "until she finds a male". We were thinking a batch of kittens would be fun for our boys at that time, so we persevered. Living in an upscale urban neighborhood, it took several days before a male showed up. We made our kitty go outside, and the next day all was calm. Her kittens were gorgeous and we enjoyed them and had no trouble finding homes. Our kitty went into season again before the kittens were even weaned. The vet said to keep them off her for two weeks, as she could not be spayed while having so much milk. It was tough, but we kept them away. Even so, she still had so much milk the vet was dubious about spaying, but since she was in season we were desperate. My only experience with a female kitty. I advise anyone to spay them while they are young if you want a nice pet.
When I have the chicken gate open so the girls can come out, the cardinals go in. I've had 6 cardinals in at one time. Yesterday Pepper got one. While I was shooing the rest out, one got caught in the wire. I caught him and he bit me so hard I was surprised it didn't bring blood.
Today she brought me a mouse while I was working in the flowerbeds. Don't know where she got it.
Then she got after the birds again so I had to put her on a leash. The birds don't seem to learn a lesson, they just keep going back into the pen. She was an absolute dervish this morning.
Pepper loves to be with the horses.


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