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My 2 new additions. 20 weeks old now (photo from a couple weeks ago). Zayna (in the water) has been here since she was 8 weeks. Willow arrived at 14 weeks. They aren't real brave yet, but they try. 2 weeks ago Zayna alerted me to a sick fox (late stage mange) that was hiding in the barn--I thought she did so well with that one, barking (her first bark!) real big, and growling, with a yip of terror thrown in once in a while.

My cat story. 3 years ago, a cat hanging out at the barn, she runs when she sees me. Next, what is that black thing behind the hay bales? Oh no, not 7 kittens! My hay box becomes a kitten box. I put in a kennel cage and leave water and food for mama. After a while, when mom has run off I move the kittens in the cage. My thinking is, mom will be use to being in there and easier for me to catch her. That worked. Kittens were fostered out, this is during covid when everyone wanted pets. Mom was picked up by our neuter, trap and release group and brought back one day later. She, Lucy still hangs out at the barn or comes up to the house sometimes. She has let me pet her a few times.
Fun times ahead for you Kelly
I just have say, I am also a crazy cat lady! I currently have only 2 cats, but have had as many as 5 indoor cats. The registration plate on my truck reads: CAT and the plate on my camper trailer reads: MOUSE. When I go on a camping trip, it's a mouse chasing a cat :). It's amazing that many people actually notice the plates and make comments or start conversations about the plates.
Your pups are adorable Minimor! Their ears and expressions are so darn cute!😍

Pepper is a pretty little dog and looks so sweet. It’s hard to look at that face and think of her ever being a bit naughty! 😂

Kelly, were you ever able to catch the stray cat? She’d be a fortunate little creature to end up in your barn!
Pepper is so smart, but I'm having a terrible time with "come". We go for walks on rural roads and when a car comes she'll come toward me at the command, but won't let me catch her to put the leash on. Sometimes a treat works, but usually not. Usually she will run into the ditch for traffic, but sometimes she stands in the middle of the road. There I am in my safety vest, standing in the road with arms up. Usually I also have Billy, but he just stands there. Going for my walks with her on a leash is the pits. Especially if I also have Billy.
When she does "come" I ask her to sit so I can get her collar without snatching. That is pretty successful, but not always.
We know, in theory, what to do to teach "come" but it is very difficult to be consistent.


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If she's pretty good at coming and sitting for you when there is no car, then the car has her attention and not you. Focus building exercises would help if that is the case.
Pepper is so cute. What I have done, try leaving her on a long, loose leash, let her wonder about. At your ready, stop and call her. I use hand motions of arm extened in front and brought back to my chest with the leash. Call, a slight tug, if needed to get her attention, draw her to you and a treat and lots of love when she meets you. I also use this in the house. Repeat and hopefully she will get it. It may work for you too.
Pepper is a terrier, is she not? Adorable, so fun, but definitely of their own mind. It would be akin to trying to train a Shiba Inu or a Chow Chow to obey commands. Not likely. Whereas a poodle or another retriever, yes, a good chance. They have the mind to want to work with their people. I like HersheyMint's idea of a long line to practice and get consistent before going off-lead again.
Some rather bad news about Pepper. She has been loping on 3 legs for a while, then all four when full out. Yesterday I took her to the vet, as she was scooting, and mentioned her leg. She has luxated patella. Because she is young, the vet recommended surgery. The nearest vet that does this is 2+ hours away. Estimate $2600. We are debating what to do.
Likely genetic, but she did have an encounter with Dapper Dan last year that could be the cause. Whatever the cause, we have to deal with it.
Anyone else dealt with this?
I’m sorry about Pepper. We’ve had two dogs in our lifetime that went in for surgery other than spay/neuter. Things went well each time and we enjoyed their company for 12 and 13 years respectively.
I too, am sorry about your dog Pepper. It is incredibly expensive these days when we need to get medical care for our furry friends. I am a cat person, so I have no experience with this type of injury in dogs, but I do know the angst of trying to do what's best for my pets. Good luck in your journey in getting her well.
Great photo but are your pretty chickens that big or is darling Pepper that small? 😂
She only weights 11.6 lbs. They are just normal chickens! Sometimes she pounced on the black when she squats. Sometimes she chases the white leghorn when she flaps and runs. But she never hurts them. I'm not sure I would trust her in a "pack", though...

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